Mastic cake at home: the easiest recipe

Culinary mastic - a truly versatile material.It can be used to create figurines and other decorations, and stitched cake.And the incredibly large number of materials that can be manufactured mastic (from chocolate to marshmallow) and the lack of strict proportions make it possible to experiment with this mass and create their own, unique, and it suits you the recipe.In this master class, we'll show you how to cook paste cake in the home of chocolate and sugar syrup.This will save you from a long kneading in powdered sugar and keep your tables (and aprons) extremely clean.Moreover, we will immediately tell you how to make a mastic very beautiful cake decoration - pearl hearts.


1. White chocolate - 150 grams

2. Four tea spoons of glucose syrup (or honey)

3. Powdered sugar

4. Pearl powder

5. Starch (for thosewho do not like very sweet)


  1. Melt the chocolate in a water bath.Do not overdo it, otherwise the result will give mastic bitterness and have an unpleasant
    burnt taste.
  2. add the desired amount of sugar pearl powder and how to grind.(Ready to decorate "hearts", if you have other plans for mastic - this step can skip)
  3. By this time, the chocolate should have melted, the mass must be homogeneous without lumps or pieces.
  4. Add the syrup.
  5. Thoroughly knead a spoon.
  6. When the mass starts to gather into a ball, then the further interfere hands, simultaneously squeezing out the excess fat (feature only white chocolate, if you use dark, then this step can be omitted).
  7. As a result, we obtain the elastic mass for modeling.
  8. Roll out the mass of the flagellum, and cut it into pieces.
  9. Form the pieces into balls.And after that - in the cones.An incision in the wide part of the cone and attach it the shape of a heart.
  10. collapses in the hearts pearl sugar.

details, see Video:

beautiful and unusual decoration is ready!As you can see, the production of mastic - it's easy!

Useful tips

I would like to make some useful comments on mastic storage.

  1. finished figures should be stored dry or in a separate box or completely wrapped in foil, or condensation in the refrigerator could spoil them.
  2. Mastics can be stored for two weeks in the refrigerator, up to several months in the freezer.

Videos on the topic:

As mentioned above, the paste can be prepared from a variety of different materials, for example, of the marshmallow, and the accompanying video below will help with the choice of both ingredients and cooking techniques.