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Sour milk diet: reviews and weight loss results

diet on dairy products have long been popular with many people losing weight: they decided to arrange fasting days, or eat them for a longer time.

Sour milk diet for weight loss: the essence, the benefits and features ^

essence of sour-milk diet is to use food, contributing to the improvement of the gastrointestinal tract: so there is cleansing the body of harmful substances, as well as reduced weight and improves metabolism.

Benefits of sour-milk diet consists in the fact that all the products that are allowed to eat (yogurt, cottage cheese, sour cream, yogurt, sour milk and yogurt) contain large amounts of protein and calcium - essential for the health elements.In addition to weight loss, they successfully compete with cosmetic p

roblems of hair and skin, which is one of the benefits of this diet.

Benefits of sour-milk diet:

  • Satisfying menu: products quickly satisfy hunger;
  • rapid weight loss;
  • No need to cook dishes from expensive ingredients;
  • Doctors advise to use for thrush, pregnancy and infectious diseases of the respiratory organs, asproteins promote early recovery.

diet deficiencies on sour milk, doctors did not reveal, because it is often recommended even to those who are sick ulcer or gastritis.Diabetics should still consult your doctor before you translate your diet on protein products, asit often causes an increase in blood sugar levels.

Speaking of calories, then, for example, the number of calories in fat-free cottage cheese (100 g) does not exceed 115 calories, so you can eat in a total of no more than 400 grams per day.

diet on dairy products: food intake rules the menu ^

Sour milk diet: the best recipes, menus for weight loss

diet rules on dairy products:

  • They must contain a minimum percentage of fat, but betterbest to choose low-fat products;
  • Eating is recommended 3 times a day, even trying to avoid snacking;
  • Also in the diet can be used fruits, vegetables, bread, and a little honey;
  • During the entire period need to drink a lot of water - up to 2 liters per day.

Sour milk diet for 3 days

One of the hardest ways to weight loss is considered to be eating only yogurt and apples.During the three-day period, you can lose up to 5 kilograms, but to sustain such a diet very difficult.

menu for all 3 days:

  • have breakfast yogurt (200 g);
  • savory snacking a couple of apples;
  • for lunch - the same portion of kefir;
  • afternoon snack apple (2-3 pcs.);
  • Supper apples and yogurt (200 g).

If there is hunger - drink kefir.

Sour milk diet for 2 weeks

This mode allows you to lose weight by 7-10 kg and is less rigid than the previous one.The ration is included fruits, vegetables and almost all kinds of dairy products.

Sample menu for 2 weeks

Breakfast is always the same: 70 g of hard cheese varieties, crackers (2 pcs.), Tea or coffee without sugar.

First day:

  • Lunch two apples and serum (100 g);
  • Supper cucumbers (2 pcs.), Eggs and cheese (100 g).

Second day:

  • Lunch cooked chicken breast (100 g) and cucumbers (2 pcs.);
  • Supper cheese and yoghurt without sugar (100 g).

Third day:

  • For lunch we eat an apple, orange and cheese 9100 g);
  • Supper two boiled eggs and vegetable salad (100 g).

Fourth day:

  • Lunch baked fish with vegetables and two cucumbers;
  • for dinner - boiled beef (70 g), salad without potatoes and egg.

Fifth day:

  • For lunch eat cottage cheese (150 g) and apple;
  • have supper tomato, lean ham (100 g) and egg.

Sixth day:

  • For lunch we eat 2 oranges, drink whey 9100 g);
  • Dinner - cottage cheese and yogurt (100 g).

Seventh day:

  • Lunch cucumber and boiled chicken (100 g);
  • evening eat cheese (100 g) and 5 radishes.

diet on dairy products and fruits

With this mode, the power for 3 days, you can lose weight by 4 kg.All this will require - is to eat fruits and drink fruit and kefir smoothies for lunch to eat a bowl of vegetable soup without meat.

Sample menu:

  • For breakfast, drink a cocktail of yogurt mixed with grated apple and 1 tsp..honey (200 g);
  • Lunch vegetable soup, drink a glass of whey;
  • afternoon snack any fruit, mixed with sour cream;
  • Dinner - low-fat cottage cheese (100 g), and tea.

diet on dairy products and vegetables

This diet is designed for a week, becausehere allowed the consumption of meat.During this period of time the weight is reduced by 3-5 kilograms, and she diet transferred easily.

Approximate daily menu:

  • two have breakfast toast of black bread and half a cup of yogurt;
  • for lunch cook the meat (250 g), we eat it with two tomatoes, drink fermented baked;
  • afternoon snack sour cream, cucumber and two toasts;
  • evening we eat a green salad, cottage cheese (100 grams), drink green tea.

Diet fermented cocktails

For the fasting days a mode best suited, becausecocktails contain virtually no calories, but, nevertheless, are savory.On the day you need to drink 1.5 liters of the drink.

Recipe cocktail with celery:

  • Pour a little water in a clean container to throw 4 celery stalk;
  • Fill all the cup of yogurt;
  • grind in a blender;
  • drink is ready, but it will have to prepare every time becauseIt allowed the use of only fresh cocktail.

Diet sour-milk mushroom

Slimming 5 kg per month is recommended after a meal to drink a glass of special kefir, sour milk prepared by the fungus, which is found directly in it.

How to grow mushroom fermented milk:

  • into clean jars, pour yogurt on the level of 3-4 cm;
  • Top add milk;
  • reserve under the hood in a room for a day;
  • drink is ready!

Fermented milk - vegetable diet

2 weeks of such a diet has all the chances to lose weight 5-7 kg, if you eat strictly sour cream, milk, fish and lean beef and vegetables, cereals, pasta and fruits (except currants, gooseberriesand cranberries).

Sample menu:

  • have breakfast a glass of milk or any fruit;
  • snacking vegetables;
  • for lunch - a piece of pasta and fish;
  • afternoon snack apple yogurt;
  • Supper light vegetable salads.

Sour milk diet for pregnant

For those who are in the period of gestation of the child gained a lot of weight, doctors often recommend a protein diet for cultured milk foods, a diet includes cereals, soups and meat, and lasts no more than two weeks.

Approximate daily menu:

  • morning we eat porridge, steamed cutlet, drink a decoction of rose hips (200 g);
  • snacking apple and cottage cheese (200 g);
  • Lunch chicken soup, steamed vegetables and a piece of fish;
  • At lunch drink kefir and eat a pear;
  • Supper omelette;
  • Bedtime drink fermented baked milk.

Sour milk diet for thrush

to prevent re-occurrence of thrush or mitigate its symptoms, doctors are advised to sit out a couple of weeks on the diet, which includes milk products, meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, buckwheat, brown rice and oatmeal.

Approximate daily menu:

  • In the morning we eat 100 grams of oatmeal and orange;
  • snacking apple;
  • For lunch prepare vegetable soup with chicken, drink a glass of sour milk;
  • afternoon snack any vegetables;
  • Supper rice porridge and yogurt.

Sour milk diet in the treatment of antibiotic

While receiving antibiotics is very important to adhere to proper nutrition it enhances the effectiveness of treatment.In the diet can include foods such as yogurt, bifidok, fermented baked milk, cottage cheese and sour cream, as well as fruits and vegetables in any form, soups and low-fat meat.

Approximate menu for 2 weeks:

  • morning we eat oatmeal or buckwheat porridge and steamed apples;
  • At snack - tomato and cucumber;
  • Lunch chicken soup and a piece of fish;
  • Supper salad and yogurt.

Sour milk diet for rotavirus

To enhance immunity should also follow a healthy food with SARS and influenza, which includes eggs, porridge, broth hips, fish cakes, fruit and boiled vegetables.

Sample menu for 14 days:

  • have breakfast oatmeal or cream of wheat, eat a couple of oranges, drink kefir or fermented baked milk;
  • snacking fruit and a glass of kefir;
  • Lunch fish cakes, soup, drink the broth hips;
  • Supper boiled vegetables (100 g) and a slice of low-fat fish

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Sour milk diet for weight loss: reviews, results, real stories slimming ^

large number of doctors say diet for dairy products is very effective way to reduce weight, which, moreover, is completely harmless to the body, if you do not adhere to it more14 days.After losing weight, you can move on to a normal diet, but avoid eating flour, sweet and fried products, to again gain the lost weight.

results sour milk diet for weight loss Great:

  • Harmless weight loss;
  • Immunity.

Reviews sour milk diet for weight loss of our regular readers are also very positive:

Alina, 27 years old:

«I occasionally spend fasting days on one kefir, and bear them very easily.In one such day body weight decreased by 1.5 kg - the result I was completely satisfied »

Natalya, 30 years old:

« When a child is ill ARI, the doctor recommended to him on a diet of dairy products.What can I say: if earlier it lay at a temperature of more than two weeks, thanks to a power supply recovered in just 10 days, while all the time taking the same medication.By the way, all the days of the son did not starve, but he really liked the menu »

Irina, 37 years:

« Once I started using this diet for thrush, she began to bother me much less.Such a diet is not particularly different from my usual, so I spent all 14 days without hunger and discomfort »