Which zodiac sign is the best in terms of men and women

All people - individuality, each has both shortcomings and merits.Therefore it is very difficult to determine which is the best sign of the zodiac.Let's try to describe the character traits of each character, and what is the best, you define for yourself.

Since most girls are addicted to horoscopes, and many girls are interested in what their partner in love and relationships, in this aspect, and we consider the signs.

List the signs of the zodiac will be in the same order in which they appear in the horoscopes:

  1. Aries.
  2. Taurus.
  3. Gemini.
  4. Cancer.
  5. Leo.
  6. Virgo.
  7. Libra.
  8. Scorpio.
  9. Sagittarius.
  10. Capricorn.
  11. Aquarius.
  12. Pisces.

Gentle Aries

Let's start with Aries, gentle and passionate natures.For members of this sign love is worth nothing, love romance.However, it can cool off as suddenly as in love, but if this feeling is present, then the love of Aries will be long and loyal.

In love, addicted to all unusual, like a new experience.Since family Aries very true, that the same demands, and fr

om a partner.

Representatives of this sign is very straightforward, so they can easily offend inconsiderate statement.

Economic Taurus

People of this sign differ gentle nature, but at the same time very reliable.Economic Taurus will do everything in order to provide warmth and comfort to his family.

If you really value your Taurus, never change it, this low blow will not ever forgive.Jealous and distrustful, so do not give you a reason not to trust.

These people appreciate yourself and love when they praise to the skies.

a calf high level of requirements as to itself and to its pair.


Gemini the Twins - the most fickle zodiac sign.Change for him - a way of life.He does not know what he really wants.

These people can lavish affection for a few persons at a time, but the question is whether they are experiencing any feelings for these people.Easily break hearts to those who love them.

Twins - pretty clever creation, shamelessly manipulated by the second half, if you want to achieve some of their goals.

People of this sign do not fit to each sign of the zodiac, the best combination of Gemini and Gemini-Leo-Aquarius.Leo Gemini can keep on a leash when it is necessary to weaken when it is necessary to tighten.And in Aquarius, you can find your soul mate.

Yet, if feeling really deep, so with them it is possible to create a strong family.

Cancer - stability and consistency

If you want a good family man, your partner should be born under the sign of Cancer.Their feelings are long, strong, in case of failure in love, will suffer for a long time.But in terms of betrayal and cancer is not without sin.

stable and permanent cancer is very attractive to partners.

Regal Lion

believed that Leo is the best women's zodiac sign.He likes to dominate in the family and to be the center of attention everywhere.

Leo will love you even more if you'll forgive its weaknesses, but if beregites6 razbaluete, then get home tyrant.

Leo is constant, if the couple chooses, then for life.

Virgo - Virgo hostess

economic - it is the most economic zodiac sign, decent in all, but some members of this sign is not necessary to be as boring.

Himself forgive a lot, but with a partner strebuyut to complete.Responsibility prefer to pass on to someone other shoulders.

sociable Libra

This is the most sociable zodiac sign, chat with friends, colleagues, acquaintances, it seems, is their sense of life.

very fond of flirting.

happens that Libra is difficult to choose a pair of permanent, because the world is so much more interesting and new.

Passionate Scorpio

Scorpions passionate and a great interest in nature and it is not necessarily just in romantic relationships.

matter in the hands of the Scorpion disputes and burns.The intended it to do so, even if the goal should be to do the impossible, do not give up until the last.

Stealth - one of the character traits, do not try to ask him frankness, when the time comes, he will tell.

Scorpions hawks disadvantages its second half.

Sagittarius - Mr pozitivchik

Many women say that Sagittarius - the best male zodiac sign.Sagittarians are very positive, and they gush optimism, infecting everyone around them.With him you never get bored, he likes variety and boldness.

not tolerate monotony in a relationship.

The disadvantage is its insatiable desire to criticize its second half, even on trifles.

Cold Capricorn

People of this sign are very restrained in their emotions and are cold.But at the same time it has a sparkling humor, and a very pleasant companion.

Capricorns are by nature social climbers.


Aquarius Aquarius is very vulnerable, sensitive people.Do not cause him mental suffering if you do not want to lose him.

In order to keep a relationship with him, you have to support them all the time.

At Aquarius very unusual look at the life around us than they are attractive.

Best Friend Fish Fish

very easy to make friends, they have the whole crowd, and all they are trying to help.Therefore, if you want to link the fate of the representative of that mark, get ready, it will always call the phone, endless requests for help that is something in this, night gatherings with friends are common.

Hopefully, on the nature of each sign of the zodiac information, such as help you in choosing a partner.But the most reliable source of information can only be your choice, be observant and attentive, and your intuition will tell the correct answer.

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