Why dream of my father , what to expect in reality , if the abbot blesses dream

Sometimes people dream of amazing and unpredictable dreams.Often, waking up, I want to find a connection between dream and reality and understand what is the meaning of this or that dream.

father dreams usually to something sublime, he is more likely to unbelievers, to warn and instruct on the right path.

What does a dream about my father?

priest or priest in a dream - it is the urge to analyze their actions, to realize their own sins and weaknesses.If the father is sad in a dream, it follows that the human conscience is really unclean.This is a dream - a warning about the need to rethink their lives and actions, so as not to regret it in the future.

Some dream books my father - a harbinger of disease.If you dream it conducts worship, the disease is very serious.Professed priest marks committing mistakes, the consequences of which will fall on the shoulders of loved ones.

Wedding ceremony in a dream with the participation of priests promises happiness in his personal life.If a woman dreams o

f her beloved father, then in reality it expected to gossip and talk.

Blessing priest dreaming to something good and happy.Fortune will be on your side and it is time to finally act.

himself in a dream to be in the role of the father - dreams to doubt and indecision.In reality it is a very strange thing, requiring the rapid adoption of solutions.

clue dream of my father Dream Miller

If you dream of a church and priest, it is always a good sign.This dream book calls to be more cautious in real life.The woman it is useful to take care of his reputation, and the man become self-critical.

If you dream the priest ignores you, then the danger is imminent.But a conversation with the priest promises great honor.Seeing a priest in his sleep, but did not talk to him - the dream promises you enslave someone, it's a dream - a warning.

priest conducting the service in a dream, portends trouble and disease.Confession in dreaming dreams humiliation that very spoil life.

Dream Interpretation Vanga

In Dream Interpretation Vanga priest reading a prayer, a dream for an early repentance.It is necessary to immediately turn to God.If the priest blesses the dream, it will soon have an opportunity to get the support of an influential person.This dream can mean success in all your endeavors.

Seeing himself a priest in a dream - means that your true purpose - to give people love and blessing.Catholic priest interpreted the dream book Vanga as upcoming changes in life.A person or a difficult choice to make responsible decisions.

If you dream my father crowned you, this dream promises a serene and happy life with a beloved person.Confessed in his sleep - waking to get into a difficult situation.

modern dream interpretation

priest or father dreams as a warning about the coming troubles.Meet and invite guests priest - to search for the right answers in real life.

If you dream a dream: you are standing in the church and can not understand what the priest says, then you will be made mistake because of ignorance or isolation and secrecy.

baptized in a dream means uncertainty and inaction in real life.

If a man dreams that his beloved marries priest, it means that we should not rush things, let things go on as usual.If a woman dreams of passion for the priest, then waking her boyfriend or husband will be unfaithful.

priest in a dream woman seeking love, in fact, it can be accused of frivolity and folly that will not unreasonably.



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