Useful properties of pears to humans , vitamin composition

Useful properties of pears to humans and how you can use the pear slimming

Many believe Queen pear fruit.And it is not in vain, because the content of the various nutrients, this fruit is superior to many other fruits.

Variety pear varieties is enormous, in ancient times raw fruits pears were all inedible.The first fruit useful in food appeared in France and Italy.Now displayed many different delicious varieties.There is also a miniature pear bushes.

Pears differ not only in taste but also in the composite structure of the fetus.So, there is a very soft and absolutely solid fruit.

Useful properties Useful properties

pear are used in folk medicine to combat various diseases.For most varieties of pears have antipyretic, diuretic and disinfectant properties.Many people use this fruit to combat cough.Remarkably, the beneficial qualities persist in any kind of fruit, whether or Baked Dried fruit.

Useful properties of pears to humans are to a diuretic effect, due to the content of the pear este

r oils.People with urolithiasis doctors recommend to eat more wild pear on an empty stomach and drink throughout the day unsweetened compote of fruit.

found that small fruits of wild pear varieties are an indispensable source of vitamin E, arbutin and chlorogenic acid.Broth from such fruits useful in various kidney ailments.

decoction of dried pears is a natural antiseptic and a diuretic and sedative effect.

Boiled and cooked fruits are good for respiratory diseases.So, a few slices of pear compote can significantly reduce coughing or saved from suffocation.

In eastern countries pears are very popular.It is noteworthy that there are people not only uses pear fruit, but the leaves of the trees.Young leaves of pear contain substances that are actively fighting fungal diseases.Besides pear leaves have anti-inflammatory properties.If prepared from the dried leaf powder, it is possible to get rid of unwanted sweating feet.

decoction of pear used in the treatment of various skin diseases.

Pear fruits are the source of large amounts of potassium, which is essential to the human body.

And if you mix the pulp of fresh pears and a couple of spoons of honey, you get a wonderful remedy for anemia.


Many nutritionists advise to use the fruits of pear during different diets.Use pear diet is high in fiber content of coarse fibers, which are not only actively influence the improvement of bowel function, but also to quickly saturate the body.To do this, you must eat raw fruit with a hard rind.

Although some pear fruit tastes sweeter apples, sugar content in them is considerably less.All of this suggests that the pears do not provoke insulin output and does not contribute to increased appetite.

believed that using pears sugar level can be monitored in the body.Therefore, these fruits can be safely consumed in diabetes and during weight loss.

To relive stress free diet, nutritionists recommend eating raw pears that promote emotional state.Also, these fruits restore the digestive processes.A particularly sweet fruits have diuretic, so during the diet should give preference to less sweet varieties.

Pears strengthen the immune system, and promotes the breakdown of fat cells, and actively struggling with the harmful substances contained in the human body, and help them withdraw.

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