Pin from the evil eye : how to wear , how to pin , pin why help from the evil eye

Hex - it is a very strong negative impact on the human biofield, which prevents him from living a normal life, leads to diseases of the body and the mind, and as a result, even frustrating financial affairs.From ancient times, in all cultures had their own means of avoiding the evil eye with the help of various items.For example, in Russia often use the pin from the evil eye.How to wear the pin from the evil eye, to negative external promises do not touch the person, and did not destroy the body, read below.

Affordable Charm

Oddly enough, but the most popular talisman against the evil eye of any of the people ... is a common pin.It is a very ordinary pin, which previously special prayers began to speak against the evil eye and spoilage.

Why pin helps the evil eye?After all there are still subjects such as a mirror, scissors, thread, buttons.Just at home is the most simple and always being on hand object from which it is easy to make a "receiver" of negative energy coming from the outside.Pins

are usually made of metal, and metal has long been considered a good material which has the ability to absorb energy.Therefore, by the way, it is advised never to raise abandoned on the doorstep or under a rug needle shoe and very gently wipe them on a shovel and throw it away from home.

Pin from the evil eye can be worn both conventional and "glazik".These are now often sold in souvenir shops.

wearing Rules

not enough to buy a pin and pin from the evil eye.It should also make it according to the rules to make it work and protect its owner.So, how to pin a pin from the evil eye right?What should be the sequence of actions?

1) First of all, you need to buy in the store the most ordinary safety pin.It can be either a conventional metal, and with the addition of silver or gold microparticles.buying time to survive pins precise: on Friday afternoon.

2) Now you need to read the plot on a pin against the evil eye to this ward started to really work and ward off evil spirits.For example, the plot can be so:

«My Guardian Angel,

given to me by fate,

from the evil eyes ukroy his protective hand.

So be it. "

Or do you just need to hold tightly buttoned pin in his hand, and 9 just read the "Our Father."Conspiracy of the pin to be read in the church of consecrated candle.

3) Finally, it is necessary to fix the pin against the evil eye.Remember that from now on this ward should always carry with them.Here there is some discrepancy.According to the one practicing healers, from the evil eye pin is attached to the inside of the jacket or jackets, and on other claims, it makes thing work incorrectly.The question is closely linked to the notion of sacredness talisman.Ostensibly bulavka- your "assistant" should be invisible to others are not sent against you new troubles.But there is another version.The fact that a person radiates negative energy sends it unconsciously all the points of the body of the victim, and if the pin is pinned in a prominent position, it will start to collect this sort of negative energy in one bundle, to respond to a metallic object.This will save the rest of the bodies sends damage.

4) The position in which the pin is secured, - vertical, head down, in the heart.Pin must cling to clothes.

spoiled amulet

Asked Does pin from the evil eye, psychics usually give a positive response, but keep in mind that if you wear the pin from the evil eye, you need to know, and the rules ofhow to leave tainted, not so operating pin.

Understand that you are jinxed and pin no longer works, it is possible for such an obvious feature, as the darkening of the pins.By the way, so do not advise to buy gold pins completely.Iron from the evil eye may turn black, silver - turn black, and a gold pin did not immediately identify the evil eye.

spoiled pin should be immediately removed from the clothes and buried somewhere (do not throw!).So do with a pin, which is unbuckled and dropped myself (in that case, if you it is still found).