How to make an amulet against the evil eye and envy , a protective talisman against the evil eye and spoilage

Amulets against the evil eye and spoilage appeared in ancient times, and each nation had its own magical objects and rituals of their creation, but all united by one purpose - the creator of the protection and the owner from the evil eye, corruption, envy, notoriety, etc..d.And how to make an amulet against the evil eye and envy in our time?Has anything changed in the ceremonies or everything remains as it was conceived more distant ancestors?Try to understand.

How to make an amulet?

In fact, protective charms sglaza from damage and can be made as the components of the plant, or from tissues and cold stones.You are free to choose which items you want to apply from the list.

  1. Natural stones, which you can choose based on their birth date, zodiac sign or name;
  2. Plants and bones, the ancients believed that the charms of something "living" gives a special power, and this belief has not gone so far.With the help of a thread, you can tie up thin bones and herbs (bay leaves, carnation, young leaves wit
    h garlic).The grass is desirable to put in a small bag, speak and carry;
  3. Rag Doll.You can make yourself a little doll and use it as an amulet.This amulet has been popular among the ancient Slavs, but they never made the doll eyes, fearing that because of this talisman imbued in evil spirits.This belief has survived to this day, so the eyes are only making a voodoo doll.

When a person creates himself a protective amulet against the evil eye, it always reads the plot or prayer.Of course, the very belief that the amulet really helps - it is a kind of prayer.When, during the creation of a talisman, and the more people read a prayer or a conspiracy, it not only gives the power of the subject, but also strengthens their own faith in the protective properties.

Consider some prayers and conspiracies on this topic.

If you decide to make yourself an amulet of the stones, then it is obligatory to carry out purification of a foreign power (the seller, the foreign human or animal), if your talisman with the image, then make sure that inwhile washing it is not turned upside down.

amulet first wash cold running water, then wipe dry with a cloth and put in the sun, then you can go three ways.

  1. light a church candle and led her over the flame amulets from left to right, representing how all the excess energy goes and stays yours alone;
  2. Okura amulet smoke herbs: wormwood, sage, saffron, St. John's wort, juniper;
  3. can at night during a full moon stir in a small amount of water, rock salt, put in a container with water and put on an amulet moonlight all night.

How to fence themselves from problems?

for reinforcement and self-belief, and strength amulet, you can read a short prayer every day.Good prayer will do.Ionic Kronstadt, Psalm 50, a prayer Macarius the Great.And every time when you will pursue doubt or unhappiness wearing the amulet and read the prayer.The main thing - it does not question the action of the amulet.

And in order to enhance the action of Joss Stone, after cleansing very quickly breathe on it to fill the mascot of his energy, but the eye has to touch the talisman.Then read over the amulet prayer "Our Father".And now you can be sure to believe in the power of the subject.

video stories and arguments

around themes of protection amulets always went to different controversies, figuring out what a way to save themselves the most effective, many people put forward their theories and apply them in practice.