Signs: sparrows bathe in dust and sand - what does that mean he's talking about

People constantly monitor the behavior of birds and animals, so in a way to predict the weather.For a long time it was collected enormous amount of material needed, with which it is easier to determine the weather conditions.The most susceptible to the weather beings at all times considered a bird.They require attention and are the best helpers are the sparrows.

What does it mean if a sparrow "clean" in the dust?

If these birds bathe in the dust, it speaks about the imminent onset of rain, which will be protracted.Seeing this picture, it is necessary to take an umbrella.

take Russian, where the sparrows are involved, a large number.For example: "the fall of a sparrow rich" means that the time has come harvest time and satisfying.

Here are the main national signs about the sparrows:

  1. Sparrow appears a harbinger of failure when flying with strong tweets over the head of a passerby.
  2. If sparrow suddenly flew out of the window it heralds big trouble.
  3. Kill the little sparrow's bad luck.
  4. If you see how the sparrows build their nests - is an indicator of good weather.
  5. Flying low sparrow is a harbinger of rain.
  6. When sparrows gather in flocks in the leaves on the tree, then the next day will be sunny.
  7. If the winter they sit quietly, even on trees, even on buildings, will be windless weather, if the songs they sing - it is expected warming.
  8. sparrows, prefer to live under the roofs of buildings in the winter, a few days feeling the onset of cold weather.If it is winter, snow and frost, the sparrows warmed their nests, collecting feathers and feathers of other birds.

According to national signs small sparrow inherent symbolism of the wedding, she embodies agility and great pretense.

Signs with sparrows, which are directly related to marriage and marriage:

  1. girls who want to become his wife on the eve of New Year's Eve with the help of a sparrow wondered at his wedding.Bird hastens into the stove and when it flew out of the fire, the girl will soon become a happy bride.
  2. If in a newly built house lives a young free woman, and a sparrow build a nest on the roof, it will soon come here to woo.
  3. When the girl arrives unexpectedly sparrow chirps - it promises a quick meeting a handsome groom.
  4. If a guy dream as it catches the little bird, the love affair soon bring happiness lad.
  5. Previously instill love to his future wife, helped to feed if the bride sparrow heart.

The dream books dream with sparrows talk about light and beautiful life.Sometimes it speaks of good and open comrades who will support and be able to help.Sad and wounded birds foreshadow unfortunate events.

Sparrows are very fond of swimming.This they do not only readily in water, but in the dust, as well as in sand.Find a place they swim everywhere and easy, the dust is always near roads, sand next to the rivers and the water can be found in a puddle.What does "sparrows bathe in the sand?"First, it helps them grind the food, and to strengthen its beak and feathers.And secondly, Sparrow bathes in sand to remove yourself from ticks, fleas, lice, which often climb a bird wings.These insects cause severe itching, which will help get rid of the sparrows just sand, here he acts as a shampoo.