Video hairstyles for medium hair : these can be done at home

Every woman wants to be beautiful and well-groomed.One of the components of the feminine image of a female hairstyle.Today we offer you a selection of video-on hairstyles for medium hair.Some of them can be repeated with their hands, some more complex - for their laying need the master's hand.

We offer a selection of instructional videos, showing interesting options pilings.

This option can be woven, or a combination of styling curls and that, and another, fixing hair on top or back of the head and more.

On New Year

New Year's holidays, every woman thinks about creating an image, a part of which will be a beautiful styling.New hairstyles are not much different from the evening, they are the same neat, pre-designed, it is necessary to add some shiny jewelry - and your ready to blow!Make a beauty of their own hands, or trust in the master - individual choice.Let's see how it looks in reality.

the wedding

Wedding - an important and memorable event in the l

ife of every woman.On this memorable day, I want to look like a queen.Subtleties such stacking is better to entrust the barber, after making a trial hairstyle.There is a large set of wedding options for medium hair.The abundance of white jewelry, light hair, collected beam fixed diadem or special clips - all this wedding styling.The following video is designed to inspire brides or submit an idea for your wedding image.

As an example, consider the master-class evening styling.This hairstyle can be done independently.

to work, we need the fixing means - namely hairspray.It is important to spray exactly as gel or foam will not work, we need to be ready to fix the strands.Be sure, we need studs, several small rubber bands for hair.On request, we can prepare barrettes and jewelry.It may be ribbons, hearts, shiny invisible, depending on the selected image.

Divide the hair into two parts: the top is an option fleece, bangs, curls along the laying head;lower - assembled locks in length.On the upper part you can safely experiment.Make a fleece, a thin braid braids, put curls.All this is to grab a small elastic band at the back on the side which will be the main hairstyle.It depends on personal taste.One convenient left, another right.The remaining locks screwed on curling, well fixing hairspray.In place of the foundations of the beam to place decoration.

time progresses and does not stand still.Now very popular online.If the girl raises the question of creating an image, it can easily open a search engine and find a variety of options for hairstyles, like everyday, and festive.For the most demanding there are video tutorials that can be seen looking at the creation of a hairstyle in detail.And, accordingly, in the home stow locks.

Soviets finally

creating styling, the girls need to remember - the hair care is necessary.Frequent use of clamping tools, irons, hairdryers leads to dullness and dryness of the hair, lifeless and the broken ends.Therefore, at least once every two weeks is necessary to nourish hair, pamper their masks, which are at the heart of natural ingredients.After each washing the head need to use a balm.In cold weather, to hide their chic curls under a cap or hood.Hair is contraindicated frost.Only healthy hair will look gorgeous in the context of any hairstyle, whether part or casual wedding.