Evening hairstyles for medium hair 40 photo and signature styling secrets

You have an average length of hair?It is wonderful!They can dissolve by screwing curls or hair to collect hair in a compact ... or align the ironing, put a special agent for the light and admire the beautiful, chic hair ... Hairstyles for each day can be very diverse, their main advantage - quick installation of aanother image.

But with preparation for the solemn moment from owners of medium length hair a little different situation.

to create a beautiful image for an evening dress often need to spend more time and money.And one of the main components of the image are feminine evening hairstyles for medium hair: Picture of different options are laid out below.But first things first!

options with braided

Consider braided hairstyles with.Who are the women themselves do not plaited pigtail?Whether it is a child or in a more mature age.Kos - girlish beauty.This neatly gathered hair, practical and very feminine.And if we add in hair ornament, the image will turn romantic and sweet.Unusually looks

bow or flower of the braids.

a similar practicality and convenience also have Greek-style installation.Starting from the statues of Greek goddesses, and until now the procession on the red carpet of the Greek carriers pilings - this image is perfect, feminine and has a light airy.There are many variations of hairstyles: with braids with locks, and raised at half-mast, lightweight and tightly strapped, balanced and laid on its side, with a rim, fleece on top.Different versions of hairstyles and ornaments in the Greek style are shown in the following picture.

Some of these hairstyles can be done with their own hands at home.Consider a few options step by step with the help of detailed video.Braided pigtails on both sides and are analogous to the dressing or the rim.Beautiful curls neatly stacked at the back.

Video Tutorials for self-styling in the solemn day:

From the shape of the face depends on many things

Depending on the shape of the face, evening hairstyles for medium hair structure must be adjusted.For a round face is well suited is the average length of hair, a little below the chin, with a rich volume of curls.A short haircut will only accentuate the shape of the face, as well as a long straight strands.Parting is better to use a scythe.If you have a high forehead, it is best to choose a hairstyle with bangs, it visually make the face less round.

And for the wedding?

wedding hairstyles for medium length hair have the same wide choice of how and evening.Here it is an opportunity to use a large range of hair ornaments, because the image of the bride has to be perfect in such an important day.You can lock on top, add the image of a tiara or dissolve the curls over her shoulders.Variations on a theme wedding hairstyles you can see in the following video.

As evening styling with braided tresses wedding look no less feminine.Especially, when the hair dye fresh flowers.There is no clear distinction between the wedding and evening hairstyle.A little less hair ornaments - turns an evening option.Therefore, the inspiration for the perfect image can be gleaned from a totally different source.

To date, there is a large selection of clearance evening hairstyles.In each of them - the zest and beauty.Women's tool for creating images have a wide range of today.This means for hair styling, jewelry, jewelry, perfume, heels and more.The main rule - a harmonious combination and no unnecessary parts.