Hairstyle ladder long hair : tips for cutting and styling

Every woman cares about the beauty of their hair, buying different shampoos, masks and balms.But the basic condition for beautiful hair and gorgeous hair, which develop in the wind - a haircut and styling.Not so important, you have short hair or long to the waist.Yes, you heard right!Haircuts for long hair is also very relevant.And the most common option - a hair ladder long hair.

versatility of this haircut in the form of its installation: they can be a great multitude, which contributes to the frequent change of image.

It is perfect for girls who dream to change the image, but absolutely do not accept to change the length of your favorite curls.Very nice would look combined with a hairstyle-ladder popular today Californian highlights, which visually emphasizes the individual strands, thereby giving extra volume to the hair.This method should be taken into account especially those with scalp watery and thin by nature.

Rear view

The proposed photo collection, you can see the rear view of hai

rstyles-ladder.From a beauty impossible to look away.Simple, nice and cool.

ladder on the hair looks nice in any woman.There are only a few nuances that are worth paying attention to when choosing a hairstyle.

for any face shape will suit this haircut?

Most ladder suitable for owners of elongated or square, or triangular shaped face.For example, this photo can be seen.

on an elongated shape can try on a ladder with a bang, which greatly hide a high forehead and reduce the frontal face.

sharp corners of a square shaped face can be mitigated haircut-ladder without a bang.

Owners triangular facial structure require additional volume of the lower face.Topical is parting and curls at the bottom of the cheekbones.

for your hair type

hair may be the nature of the lush, curly or hard.For these types of hair haircut ladder will create additional complexity.The installation procedure should include mandatory thermal leveling, laying with the help of additional funds.Because, if you already lush hair, haircut imbues them with additional volume.

If your hair has a fine structure, not thick, the hair ladder - this is exactly what you need.Try to find a good master who can accurately perform smooth transitions from locks to locks.Then the hair will look quite bulky and well-groomed.Use in the formation of laying additional means: lacquers, mousses.

set of tools for styling hair

all happy owners of shearing-ladder for long hair you must keep in your arsenal several pieces for stacking.Bulk round brush and a hairdryer are forming a natural volume.

If very long hair apply hair iron styling - get smooth, beautiful strand with a focus on the stage below.

the presence of curling can twist the ends to create a romantic curls.

varnish, mousse or hair gel to get a creative mess your head, giving the image an easy carelessness.

Attention!Tips on trimming stylists

shearing technique is quite simple and is based on the phased sostriganii length hair.It is called the gradient.It is performed based on shortening the hair around the perimeter of the head from the neck to the crown.Cut out hair ladder only on the edges, framing the face.Or the density of hair, portraying a cascade.

At home

most simple ladder can be done at home.To do this smoothly combed hair, gather on top to tail and cut the desired length.When the hair is loose, it will fall easily phased locks that can be tapering trim.

We offer an introductory video on the technique haircuts long hair.