Greek hairstyles for medium hair : tips leading stylists

Greece - the cradle of European civilization, which is famous for its beautiful costumes and, of course, women's hairstyles.Styling for the ancient Greeks was a kind of ritual, right weaving hair into braids, people formed shape.If you are the owner of medium hair, Greek hairstyles emphasize your femininity, tenderness, will put the emphasis on individuality and charm.

reasons for the popularity of this particular style

Hairstyles in this style is very popular among young girls.The popularity of this kind of hairstyle is due to the simplicity of its execution, as well as the opportunity to receive a gentle, romantic image, without resorting to expensive beauty salons.

So different, at first glance, but these are special, they will give freshness and natural negligence of any hair.

main attributes of a hairstyle in which it can be identified among others:

  • natural ease and careless rastrёpannost hair;
  • presence of curls and tendrils of light from the temple;
  • fishnet weaving braids and
  • opportunity to hairstyle with a bandage, with elastic-ring and tiara;
  • voluminous head and wide forehead.

To Greek hairstyles fit perfectly?

hard to find a girl who would never experimented with their perfect hair and did not try to create a gentle romantic image of their own hands.Girls who have a natural wave in her hair an easy - simply created for such models.Based on the fact that the Greek haircut include a huge variety of options for every type and face shape, you can choose your own.Chubby beauty must understand that to choose the hair under the rim or the bandage is not necessary, because the round facial features, in the absence of hair length, significantly widened.Ideal option that presented at the photo.

girls with a strong chin, you can try zachёsyvat bangs back with her hair "let go in free float."

Round long face help braids with bangs along the contour of the head, which should be not too tight weave, to give freedom to provide designated each.

Many might think that Greek-style hairstyle - this negligence and rastrёpannost, but this is not always the case, and there are strong evidence - the Greek knot.

This type of weaving is very popular among young people.

Run this option is easy enough to weave a bang into a bundle, and back to collect hair in a knot and secure with pins.On the one hand, this hairstyle light and unobtrusive, but on the other - requires a rigor and can be applied to cocktail parties and receptions.

good option hairstyle in the Greek style, and will serve for a wedding.

How to become a goddess of Olympus at home?

Do not claim that create an image can only specialists.Not at all, follow the simple rules and tips, unique hairstyle in the Greek style provided.For its creation we need pins, comb, gum-rim.It is also important to note that the hair should be weighted in natural oils, that is not to be freshly scrubbed, otherwise they will constantly get out from under the gum and deliver a lot of inconvenience.Let's start:

Step 1. Good comb the hair comb with fine teeth and put on top of the gum-rim.

Step 2: Strands, which are located on the front side, alternately several times to twist into a bundle and carefully tuck under the gum so that the ends are not peeking out from under the foundations.

Step 3. Other strands in the same way placed under the rim.The rear part can not twist, to give volume and lightness hairstyle.

Step 4. All the strands pass through the gum and some of their disheveled hairstyle to give splendor and ease.

Step 5. The remaining hair should be tied back and tightening the harness in a few times to wrap the rim, forming the body.

Step 6. The final stage - the consolidation of the foundations pins to the strands do not fall out and does not spin out of gum.

If you find it difficult to understand how to perform a process of a photo, please use a video hint.

So, uncomplicated and fast, you can create a gentle way, which is sure to win others.This type of hairstyle is the base, and the successful mastery of them can move on to more serious models.In support of this, you can view photos that are widely describe the variety of styles.