Oval face : hairstyles, hair style , shape of eyebrows , glasses with photos

standard oval face is similar to the inverted chicken egg: blunt chin rounded shape;The widest area of ​​the face - cheekbones;the forehead is slightly different from the width of the cheekbones;hair grow in a smooth circular line.The width of the face by about sixty percent less than the height of the face to the chin hair level edge - this ratio is considered ideal and is very common in art and architecture.Such balance in the proportions of the face shape is considered to be pleasant from the aesthetic point of view.

oval shape of the face - the most harmonious and proportional.It combines perfectly with all hairstyles, hats, glasses, etc.Ask any makeup artist or hair stylist, which is the most convenient form for the person and they will tell you that the oval.In the case of such a person does not need much to worry about selecting the correct make-up or hair styles - any decision will be a perfect look.This natural proportionality frees them from the owner of any inventions tricks with your a


happy owner of the shape of the face is not necessary to understand the intricacies of make-up and much to split hairs with hairstyles.But if you do not belong to the owners of the ideal face shape - do not worry.In fact, there is nothing perfect in the world there are no people with ideal proportions and perfect persons.If you dive into the story, we can note the fact that the ideals of beauty change every era.And the attitude of people depends not on their face or body shape, and its individual nature, which allocates it among others.

What haircuts and hairstyles look best with an oval face

With a large selection of photos of hairstyles and hairstyles appropriate for this type of person, it is recommended to be guided to a greater degree of structure of hair to choose a hairstyle.It follows that if you have thin weak hair, the hairstyle should be as short as possible, and if, on the contrary, thick and elastic - long allowed.Thick hair give the opportunity to become the owner of a chic curls falling down below the shoulders.The only contraindication - bang.It will burden the overall appearance of the face and hide all the beauty.

There is another approach to the choice of hairstyles - start from the individual characteristics of the face sculpture.This will emphasize the prettiest sites and hide flaws.For example, having a beautiful expressive cheekbones, it is recommended to wear short hair, which ends just at the level of the cheekbones.If you want to add a little romance to his image - light curls exactly what you need.And if you want to visually pull the face - it's time to straighten hair.It is necessary to avoid any bouffant on top of any other top pomp, it negatively affects the general appearance.

oval face and make-up

natural beauty of the oval face is quite difficult to spoil the makeup, so roam there where, but there are some guidelines that can help look chic:

  • eyebrow shape for the oval face is better to do a littleupward and curved;
  • blush is recommended to apply strictly the line of cheekbones, the temples in the area and on the tip of the chin, it adds relief face.

Selection of glasses for oval face type

for oval faces suit virtually all types and shapes of frames.But the width of points at the same time must be equal to the width of the face and the upper rim of points must coincide with the line of eyebrows.

Among other things, it is important to take into account the individual criteria of every human person.Softer outlines the face well with a smooth shape points, rounded lenses and without angularity.A sharp features are well emphasize the strict frame.


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