How to care for skin in winter, spring , summer, fall at home and around the eyes

's face is our calling card.Every woman wants to look perfect and have a healthy and well-groomed appearance.To do this, every lady should know how to care for skin.Person - one of the most exposed parts of the body and therefore more exposed to other external factors.The negative impact on the skin have the weather, pollution, exercise, stress conditions, and more.Proper and regular skin care will help to avoid problems such as redness or dryness of the skin, prevent acne and wrinkles.

The key to a beautiful and healthy skin, it is a daily cleaning.During the day on the face accumulates large amounts of dust and sweat, as well as all kinds of cosmetic products we use for applying makeup.Therefore, the cleaning procedure is important for the skin.It helps to remove makeup and cleanse the pores of the skin from all kinds of pollution.To do this, use a cleanser suitable for your skin type or cleansing milk to remove makeup.Cosmetologists are categorically not recommended for cleansing facial skin soa

p, because its application leads to dehydration of the skin.

Winter Care

In winter, the facial skin gets in stressful situations: cold, icy wind, rain or snow - all this has a negative impact on her condition.To the facial skin in the winter look great, it is very important to ensure proper care and follow a few simple rules.

Face masks in winter should be done every two or three days.

air should be as moist.

winter recommended for special skin protective cream.

Owners of oily skin is better to go to beauty products for normal skin.

In spring

With the arrival of spring, our facial skin is faced with new challenges.The first rays of the sun can cause the appearance of pigmentation, which leads to the appearance of freckles, skin peeling may occur due to improper care in winter.There are several rules that must be followed when caring for facial skin in the spring.

use for skin moisturizing cream-gel with a soft texture.

protects the skin from sunlight.

To protect the eyes from wrinkles need to wear sunglasses.This spring become especially noticeable wrinkles around the eyes.Fight them help mask cucumber.


skin care in the summer it is necessary to pay special attention.At this time, the skin undergoes tremendous stress.As in every season, in summer our skin must be gentle cleansing and care.In summer, most skin cleansing facial is suitable milky lotion that does not contain soap.The sun's rays, wind, and air conditioning in the rooms lead to dehydration of the skin, so it is very important to moisturize the skin during this period.For this purpose, special cosmetic products intended for use in summer.

Autumn Care

Autumn - this time of year, which is called velvet, and the time is perfect not only for leisure, but also for the skin care of your face.The first thing to do with your face - so it's cleansing.Doing this procedure is necessary with the help of creams and peels (the link you can see the results after its application).It is necessary to carefully choose the type of cream to fit under the type of person.The use of different masks also can not hurt.For the autumn - this time of preparation for the winter, which means that the skin should be hardened.Masks of mashed potatoes, a part of which will be carrots, potatoes, cabbage - are ideal for cleansing the face.

care for your skin, you can at home easily.It does not matter, either make it in women 25 years or 40 years after.After 30 and 35, the skin becomes more problematic, requiring separate masks and procedures.Keeping all of the above tips and rules, women will be very simple and easy to deal with your facial skin at any age and at any time of the year.To care for the skin around the eyes or oily should listen to the instructions of a cosmetologist.

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