Age crises in human life for men and women , the book Kosyakova

Age crises in human life - is a special short periods of transition in the age development to the next stage, which are characterized by special psychological changes.They are caused by the destruction of the social position of the origin and development of the other, which corresponds to the new level of personal development.

form, duration and strength of the flow of age crises depends from individual to individual, social conditions, the level of education, the education system.Each crisis - a change in the person's status in relation to society, change of personal outlook.Here, above all, correctly perceive themselves a new, easier to overcome psychological difficulties.

Children age crises

In times of crises, children's age structure is changing consciousness of the child.Denial, moodiness, stubbornness and conflict increased greatly aggravated when adults ignore the new needs of children in communication.For children's crises are: the crisis of the first year, three years, seven years and

first adolescence - crisis 11 years.

Adults age crises

age crises in adults occur much less frequently than in children.they are less pronounced Pass.All restructuring of consciousness and a new orientation in life have a hidden but powerful influence on the further development of the individual.The first youth crisis comes at the age of 17-20 years.Man is considered an adult, and he is trying to prove in the first place to himself.Here begins the first responsibility: the army, going to college, work, family experience.

next crisis occurs in the period approaching the thirtieth.During this period, outlook on life more conscious, there is a desire stability and peace.Most people planning during this period to do all the necessary things that carry the meaning of all life.Women age crises of personality are much easier than men.The increased sense of responsibility with the youth fills all the new emotions and perceived as something useful and enjoyable event.

Later crises occur in 40-45 years and after 60. They accompany a person throughout life and help the individual to find their own position in life, and form relationships with the outside world.

Book Kosyakova of crises

book O. Kosyakova "age crisis" is an excellent training tool, which outlines the questions good psychology.It clearly describes the views on the crisis and its overall age structure, especially the development of the individual mind in these times, the cause of the difficulties of dialogue between the age of the crisis, particularly crisis preschool and school children, the basics of psychological practices crises.This book is designed and written for students who are enrolled on the course in Clinical Psychology.

well used this book and other professionals, psychologists who are interested in issues of mental development of the individual in different periods of development.The study of this kind of literature will help lay down the correct relation between the individual and his environment, the reality, which depends on certain factors: the maturation of the personality at the biological level, phase psychophysical organism, the level of the person in the social system, the level of intelligence and mental development.



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