Cream peeling skin : baby cream and other popular tools

Peeling of the skin on the face - a problem familiar to many, especially the owners of the skin prone to dryness.The reasons that the skin can peel off, varied.It most often occurs due to external factors such as wind, temperature, negative, over-dried air is heated premises and the like.These reasons cause peeling of the skin more likely.There are other reasons for such skin problems - various skin lesions, cuts, wounds, scratches, inflammation, skin irritation, allergic reactions.If flaking caused by any infection and disease, you should consult a physician before applying cosmetics and therapeutic agents from peeling.

main reason peeling skin is lack of moisture, which can be caused by improper cleansing and skin care.In this case, you should reconsider your habits of skin care, stop to wash with soap and start using the milder means.

Cream peeling person should have as part of hydrocortisone containing not more than 0.5%.But this remedy, which should be applied regularly, causing twice daily

on problem areas, but not more than two weeks.

Many successfully use baby cream Bepanten, which has beneficial effects on dry, flaky and irritated skin.It can also be used in winter for preventing peeling.

Cream against peeling of the skin with your hands

To solve the problems of skin peeling may be applied creams made at home from natural ingredients.

Recipe №1

  1. soft butter - 1 tbsp.a spoon;
  2. banana pulp (melon, persimmon, pear) - 1 tbsp.a spoon;
  3. Honey -. 1 tsp.

All components mix and beat until smooth.The cream is applied to the skin massaging movements, and in half an hour face blotted with a paper towel from the surplus cream.

Recipe №2

  1. Ghee - 50 g;
  2. Raw yolk - 1 pc .;.
  3. olive oil - 1 tsp;
  4. frayed berries - 2 tbsp.spoons;
  5. Camphor alcohol - 30 drops.

All components are mixed together, is added at the end of camphor alcohol.It kept the cream in the fridge.

Recipe №3

  1. Beeswax - 50 g;
  2. Almond oil - 60 g;
  3. Rose water - '30

The wax is heated in a water bath for him added to the oil and rose water.All beat until foamy state.Keep refrigerated.

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