Curls on long hair : photos of beautiful hairstyles and video on laying

Girls having gorgeous long hair, constantly thinking about changing the style and hairstyle.For long hair for a long time to stack, and time is not always enough.Despite the abundance of different hairstyles for so long, I would like to pick up a versatile and simple.Congratulations.This haircut there.Just obzavedites gentle curls, who do not hesitate to wear all the Hollywood beauty!They are simple in design and does not take a lot of time.Photo curls on long hair and attract the eye!

to create curls necessarily apply to the beauty salon.You can easily do curls with your hands at home.From the article, you will learn by what devices can be screwed beautiful curls.

The tress?

There are many ways to do it.Let's start from the beginning.

Hairdryer with a nozzle

Dryer with the nozzle creates curls with wet effect.They are medium-sized, elegant and you lay them easily.For girls with bangs recommend leaving it smooth.

Hair must be clean and gently dry the h

air dryer.On damp hair apply a little fixing agent and divide the hair into locks.Making circular movements diffuser, it is necessary to move from the tips to the roots, as if holding a lock of the head.Effectiveness happen if you spend laying upside down.


Make styling curling possible without the help of a stylist, the main thing - to choose the right.Ploek Choice is great, but the main part, which you need to decide - diameter.For small curls take the tongs of a smaller diameter.The larger the diameter, the larger curls are obtained.

Evenly apply a fixing agent to perm hair and start.Curling in two ways.To achieve the effect of wavy hair, cheat locks horizontally.The entire strand is wound on one area, are not allocated to the tweezers.Twist locks are upright forceps.Lokon is wound diagonally across all the hot plane.Carefully divide the curls with your fingers, which are pre-grease wax.Use the nail longer life hairstyles.

Styler Hair

This wonderful device is not only used for straightening hair, but also for curling.How to make waves utjuzhkom?It's pretty simple.Follow the clear instructions.

hair rinse with balm and apply a small amount of foam.Dry hair and begin curling.Separating a small lock of and clamp the styler, after combing it.Keeping the iron is in the horizontal position, and do one turn up.Obtained neat waves.Details described in the video.

curls on hair curlers

Let's start with the fact that there is a huge number of curlers of various sizes and shapes.The most interesting - a spiral curlers.They obtained perfect curls.

It is widely used to create curls on a long shock of hair curlers curlers.Suffice it to freshly washed wet hair Apply mousse, fine strands cheat on curlers.When the head of hair is dry, remove the clamps, fix the nail and share zavitochki fingers.Wavy laying ready.

to create curls at the tips of the hair is good to use massive curlers - reel.Screw you need to clean hair treated with the fixing agent.The bobbins are wound on the ends of her hair.Most often, the procedure is carried out overnight.In the morning ready to fill in coils on the tips of varnish, and the roots would be nice to make a small fleece.

Cabin treatments

Procedures such as chemistry or carving a long time will shape your hair in the form of curls.Pros durable curls - the minimum time spent on daily styling.Select only you, but your hair will minimally injure carving.

You can also hold styling at home, following the specific instructions.

Useful tips

1) Curls are sure to clean the hair.

2) Choose wisely fixing means.Some tools are not suitable for heat styling.

3) strands is better to take a width of about a centimeter.Since locks are evenly distributed.

4) Lady with a catastrophic shortage of time must pay attention to biozavivka.You will receive a luxurious waves for six months, do not require long-term placement.

5) It is best to wind the strand, starting with the roots.

6) If you are using hair curlers, the tip of the strand should fit snugly to the fixture.To do this, use clamps or rubber band.

7) To adjust the shape and size of the curls after curling the fingers should be lubricated with wax.Stranded strands do not comb in any case.

8) Do not overdo it with varnish.Styled hair should emit maximum naturalness.

Hairstyles with curls