Facial masks from clay : a few very effective recipes for your skin

Today we will teach you how to make face masks out of clay at home.

Cosmetic Clay can be of different colors.Let's sort out the various beneficial properties of cosmetic clay in different colors.

Useful properties of cosmetic clay

Black clay cleanses the skin from dead cells, blackheads, nourishes the skin, tightens pores and refreshes the complexion.

White Clay purifies the pores of the face, increasing the flow of oxygen.It is effective in the fight against acne, but is not recommended for acne.

Green clay is used mainly for the treatment of hair and scalp.

Yellow clay is used to dull skin.

Red clay is used in the treatment of blood vessels.

Blue clay has antibacterial properties, whitens, nourishes and rejuvenates the skin.

Pink clay has a nourishing and cleansing properties.Pink clay is prepared by mixing white and red in different proportions, so it has useful properties and that, and another clay.

Mask of green clay

Masks made of green clay is used for oily skin.Green clay ha

s in it due to the presence of iron oxide.Green clay cleans and tightens pores.

Make a mask of green clay with the addition of oatmeal and two drops of green tea.

Masks made of white clay

mask of white clay is prepared with the addition of chamomile decoction.White Clay perfectly cleanses the skin, and a decoction of chamomile helps alleviate irritation and disinfect skin.

mask of blue clay

Due to its anti-bacterial properties of the blue clay is applied to deal with acne.To enhance the properties of the blue clay mask with lemon juice added to it.In addition, the mask of blue clay tone the skin, help to reduce the number of wrinkles.

masks made of black clay

The composition of black clay include magnesium, strontium, calcium, silica.This clay cleanses the skin and tightens pores.It is used for oily skin, to combat acne.

black clay just bred until creamy state and applied to the face.

All masks do only on clean skin.When clay dries on the face, not to tear off her.Wet clay with water and remove it from the face with a damp cloth.After removing the clay grease the face moisturizer.

For breeding clay, you can use herbal teas, yogurt, milk.This way you will only reinforce the cosmetic effect.Dilute clay in a plastic or wooden utensils.Iron cookware is better not to use.

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