Laminating Hair home gelatin and professional tools

to make hair more beautiful women use a variety of means.All impair condition of the hair, which lose a healthy look and shine.To restore their health and radiance, there is a procedure of lamination.Today we talk about how to make the lamination hair at home.

What is lamination hair?

meaning of the word "laminate" - "film coating to protect from external influences."The essence of the process: the hairs are sealed in a film which, allowing to breathe, protects them from adverse impacts and retains moisture.Through lamination, hair gain volume and become elastic and shiny.The procedure is useful for fragile and thin hair.The example in the photo.

What does it mean?Lamination is a method of hair treatment, in which they are coated with a special compound that forms a protective film.The easiest way to do lamination in the cabin.But if we turn to the interior, it is worth remembering that the cost of lamination hair is great there.It is possible to buy equipment and make the procedure at home, wil

l be cheaper and will not take much time.

Types lamination

hair lamination, which reviews often talk about the benefits of it, is:

  1. colored and clear.
  2. Cold and hot.
  3. Organic and conventional.

Colored laminating called ionic coloring.In this case, the means used for hair laminating material with colored pigments.Comments on color lamination positive: a healthy look and shine, color fastness.The result is a colored laminated photo before and after the procedure.

Hot and cold lamination are almost identical.The difference: the hot lamination of hair after the treatment they are heated utjuzhkom.According to reviews in the forums, the effect of hot lamination lasts longer.

Pros and cons of hair Hair laminating

Lamination has advantages and disadvantages.Pros:

  1. Suitable for all hair types.
  2. tool fills bumps, hair starts to shine and become smooth.
  3. Gives volume to hair.
  4. hair easy to fit and keep their shape.
  5. Tool protects hair from environmental influences and damage.


  1. fragility.
  2. not restore the hair from the inside.
  3. Not all hair has a positive effect.

recommended yet know how much it costs lamination and make it in the cabin, in order to understand what it is to get acquainted with the intricacies of the procedure and sequence.Hair laminating procedure shown in the video.

Laminating Hair home

special means you can buy a home for the lamination of hair.Set hair lamination includes:

  • shampoo for deep cleaning;
  • firming mask;
  • tinting paint;
  • means for laminating.

all means manufacturers of hair care kits for producing lamination: Sebastian, LebelCosmetics, Goldwell, PaulMitchel, MatrixColorSynClear.Means may be transparent or have a coloring effect.A popular means, which is manufactured by Estelle and Haircompany.

Compositions funds do not contain substances that damage the hair, but they have a restorative and rejuvenating substance (keratin, amino acids).Lamination with Neo-Crystal Estelle gives the hair elasticity, making them soft and restores the structure.laminating procedure with Haircompany includes four steps that the manufacturer has put in an elegant case that helps the master.

Laminated hair does not need to wash cleansing shampoo, enough funds, which are used regularly: nourishing shampoos, balms, masks.

How to make yourself laminating hair professional means

To do laminating hair at home, you must:

  • buy a hair lamination;
  • wash my hair cleansing shampoo;
  • make a moisturizing mask;
  • dry hair and apply a means to distribute it with a comb with a few teeth and leave for 30 minutes;
  • wear a hat, wrap head with a towel and a hair dryer to warm up for 5 minutes, allow to cool 5 minutes (30-40 minutes).
  • after a desired time without shampoo rinse agent.

After the procedure is not recommended to dry the hair dryer, so as not to spoil the effect.What keeps lamination hair this way?Typically 3-6 weeks.

For details, see the video.

Laminating Hair gelatin

Home lamination hair gelatin strengthens and protects hair.This substance helps to lifeless hair, making them bulkier, thicker and making shine.The main component of gelatin - protein, it nourishes the hair and collagen protein forms a protective film.For gelatin lamination required elementary components: the mask or balm.

From the first time you will not achieve amazing results, requires a minimum of 3 treatments.The effect will be to increase, the hair will become silky, smooth and shiny.The good news - products for hair lamination gelatin can be purchased for a small price.

To effect was maximum, you need to properly prepare the means for laminating and apply correctly.Procedure is simple and takes little time.Here are a few recipes for homemade lamination gelatin.

Recipe 1. Main:

  1. 1 sachet of gelatine;
  2. boiled water (3 tablespoons);
  3. balm or hair mask (half of Art. Spoons).

number of staff can be increased depending on the length and thickness of hair.Gelatin pour hot water (slowly, to avoid formation of lumps) and leave for 20 min.If lumps formed, put in a water bath, making sure the mixture does not boil.

To the cooled mass add balm or hair mask, mix.Balm should not be much.The mixture is applied, departing at 2 cm from the hair roots.The scalp gelatin mask not rub!

For those who find it difficult to make a lamination of hair using gelatin, prescription, offer video.

cooking process gelatine masks of the same, the difference is that more component is added.

Recipe 2. Subsidiary

Gelatin mask with the addition of oils, herbs, milk, egg yolks, mineral water, juice:

  1. added juice (blondes - lemon, brunettes - carrot): 1 st.spoon 3 tablespoons gelatin.tablespoons juice, warm water bath;
  2. mix composition with 0.5 h. Tablespoons of burdock oil or 0.5-1.5 h. Spoon of almond oil.
  3. decoction of herbs (blondes - chamomile, brunettes - nettle) is mixed with gelatin and 1 tbsp.honey;
  4. solution mix with milk, warm water bath;
  5. in gelatin dissolved add the egg yolk;
  6. gelatin mix with carbonated mineral water, heated in a water bath, add 2 drops of lemon and lavender oil or vitamin A.

Recipe 3. If you have problems

Gelatin mask in case of problems with the hair:

  • dry. hair: a mixture of water and gelatin, add 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and 2 drops of lavender oil, warm water bath;
  • for oily hair: 1 egg yolk and 4 tbsp.spoons of lemon juice mix with gelatin and shampoo (1 tbsp.), warm water bath;
  • hair volume:. 1 teaspoon of gelatin mixed with 1 teaspoon colorless henna, and the same amount of mustard, 2 tbsp..tablespoons of water and 1 egg yolk;It stirred in a water bath.

can make a mask, shampoo, gelatin, broth of any grass and shampoo.It is applied to the hair for 10 minutes and washed.In any case, after such masks hair becomes thick, elastic, smooth.That photo hair before and after lamination with gelatin mask.

gelatin hair lamination can be carried out once a week.The effect will be stronger and less hair will fall out and break.As the photo above!

Pros and cons of lamination hair gelatin

Homemade gelatin lamination hair healthier and better treatments in the salon:

  • gelatin - a natural substance that hair is perceived as a native;
  • hair is protected from harmful factors;
  • procedure can be repeated when washing your hair that will get better;
  • manages such lamination is cheap at the price, and hair look great.

All this is pushing to make for home lamination using gelatin.However, it is necessary to represent and cons:

  1. not always laminate has a positive effect: coarse hair can become a real straw;
  2. to be aware of the body's reaction to gelatin, whether allergies;
  3. mixture is difficult to apply on their own long hair, need someone's help.
  4. After lamination hair quickly become greasy, and the tips may become drier.

as laminated gelatin hair at home conditions, look at the video.


today lamination hair is gaining popularity.Reviews about this procedure, you can find very different: from enthusiastic to negative.The latter are associated with the incorrect information on the long-term effects of the procedure.

Excited same reside those who make gelatin lamination hair.It is cheap compared to how much is lamination hair salon, you can do it often, but the effect is obvious.

advantages over other types of recovery

for hair restoration, there is also keratin straightening hair.Many ask the question on the forum: what is better - keratin hair straightening or laminate?

Answer it difficult, as these procedures are different: the restoration of the natural keratin hair keratin fills the inside, restoring its structure, lamination hair is covered from the outside film that protects against external aggressions.For the price of less lamination keratin restoration 2 times.