Mode schedule for the newborn child and nursing mothers

daily routine is a kind of conductor body.Subject to the person mode of the day produced conditioned reflexes.And what is the life of the newborn - is only conditioned reflexes.When the body is accustomed to a certain mode of the day, he is preparing in advance for certain actions: to food intake, bedtimes.How to make a better mode schedule for the newborn baby?

most difficult - is to teach a newborn baby to a specific mode of the day, because the periods of sleep and wakefulness had not yet systematized.The behavior of the baby depends on the satisfaction of his needs.

The first mode of the day is subject to feeding regime.Breastfeeding number of feedings can vary from 10 to 12 per day.Therefore, the daily routine for the baby depends on the number of feedings.

try to make an example mode for the newborn baby.


When the morning starts - this child tells his crying.In most children, this happens about six o'clock in the morning.Get up, of course, difficult, but necessary.Be sure

to change diapers baby after a night's sleep, feed him.Usually in the morning a child again falls asleep after feeding.You may even lie down.

Morning "Charging»

before the next feeding, prepare everything you need to wash the baby.Make him the "charging".It is better to have breakfast before feeding.

Walk Walk - a very important part in the newborn day mode.It is best to go for a walk after the second feeding.You can do it in the company of a friend with a child.It is very convenient.You can go shopping, going one by one.If you have an assistant, then with a stroller, they can walk, but you can at this time to do household chores.


change clothes toddler feeding.Of course, it would be better if you have time for lunch before him.Then you'd better lie down with the kid.Remember about the rest.Mum after giving birth vacation is a must for her speedy recovery and for the baby's health.

Once again it's time to rest and feeding can go in the second outing.

early dinner

feeding, dressing.Now you can begin to prepare for the evening's swimming and dine.

Water Treatments

Cooking toddler to water procedures best when it is not already hungry.Start a little in advance of the date of its feeding.Expand it, give him a little "walk", then bathe.Water treatments bring fun and kid and you.Now, feed him and put to bed.

can transfer swimming at a later date, to bathe the baby after nine o'clock in the evening.Usually, after bathing and feeding the baby comes a long break between feedings.However, if the baby after bathing does not calm down, it is better to bathe him before.

We can only give general advice on drawing up the daily routine baby.Of course, every child, especially a newborn, a gap between feedings, and his time "festivities."

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