Swimming lessons children up to 3 years, from which we should start , the most simple exercises

The question of whether or not to teach a child to swim, no longer standing in front of his parents.The answer is simple: of course, necessary.Many parents start teaching baby swimming grudnichkovom age, even up to a year.And what to do if an infant learning to swim parents are not engaged and want to catch up after the child was a year old?

swimming training of children up to 3 years - quite a feasible task.

Of course, we are not talking about what you teach the child to some sports diving mind, but the child will be free to float and enjoy bathing - it is in your power.

How to teach a child to swim

First of all, you need to teach a child to immerse the person in the water.For children who have learned to swim from birth, it will have no difficulty.Another thing, if the child is not engaged in swimming.He initially this procedure may not like.

Education begins with children learning exhale under water and breathing in the water.Start learning can bathing the baby in the bath, or just in th

e basin.

in a basin of water, Suffer the little boat.Let the child blowing on the boat, plunging the person into the water up to his chin.This game is like a child.

While bathing spray the baby's face with water.Arrange game with a "diving."You command the child "Dive!" And on the count of three, a child holds his breath while you wash his face with water.

When the child has mastered these simple exercises, you can move on.

How to teach a child to exhale into the water

child is not afraid to immerse the person in the water, it's time to teach him to breathe out into the water.To do this, play with him in a submarine.The baby face down in the water and blowing bubbles.

If a child after surfacing begins to wipe his face and eyes with his hands, try to wean him from it.

Engage with the child should be regularly.You can not every day, several times a week, turning each session into an exciting game.

When a child is free to take possession of the reception exhaling in the water and holding your breath, you can already learn to make "float."

basic rules

to teach a child to swim, requires patience.

Take the time to learn all the tricks in one class.

Well tighten all skills.

main thing is that the child has learned not to be afraid of the water, and made friends with her.

And another thing: when a child is in the bath, did not leave him a single step.

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