Increased intracranial pressure in a child : symptoms, treatment , diseases in which there is an increase in pressure

Increased intracranial pressure in children - diagnosis is a familiar, perhaps, to many parents.What does this mean?What are its symptoms and treatment?

What is intracranial pressure

The concept of intracranial pressure (ICP) is perceived similarly to blood pressure.It is understood that the ICP is present in every person, and it can be increased for a short time due to natural causes.

As blood pressure rises as a result of physical exertion, and intracranial pressure may increase as a result of emotional stress.Child perevozbudilsya and increased pressure inside the head.

ICP - a fluid pressure which is in the cerebral ventricles, the cerebrospinal fluid.

Another thing, if the pressure is increased all the time - this is a serious medical condition or a symptom of any disease.The pressure can not rise on its own, something that should cause this increase, and here are the reasons for this should be sought in the first place.


Simptomymogut manifest itself not only in its infan

cy, but in older children.

suggested an increased intracranial pressure in infants is possible if excessively fast growing head (so it is important the measurement head in infants), eyeballs rolled out and laid down, bulging fontanelle, toddler often vomits diverge cranial sutures, your child has a squint.

main symptoms in a child older manifested in frequent headaches, fatigue and mood swings, mental retardation, seizures, strabismus.


again draw your attention to the fact that if the intracranial pressure above normal - it's a symptom of the disease.In the diagnosis of the disease, its detection and treatment, and focused efforts of doctors.

to increased pressure can cause hydrocephalus - increased volume of cerebrospinal fluid.Treatment in this case is aimed at reducing the level of the liquid.

Another cause of increased pressure in the head can become a perinatal encephalopathy, which requires a long-term comprehensive treatment by a neurologist and a neuropsychologist.

to prescribe treatment, it is necessary, first of all, to diagnose the cause of increased intracranial pressure.So do not hesitate, go to the reception to the pediatrician.

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