Temperature and headache in a child : influenza , meningitis or sinusitis ?

The baby temperature and headache, the child is obviously sick, but what could it be?Not to miss a serious illness ...

It should be noted that the headache - one of the most common symptoms of diseases in children ranging from age and ending grudnichkovogo teenagers.The reasons for the headache can be different, but we will focus on those that are accompanied by fever.

What caused fever and headache in a child?

flu and viral infection

In these diseases, even the slightest increase in temperature is accompanied by a headache.The pain extends from antipyretics, but do not get carried away by them.Temperature - a reaction to the invasion of the virus or bacteria.By reducing the fever, we prevent the body to fight.

Experts believe that lowering the temperature, if it is below 38 degrees, it is not necessary.However, it all depends on the condition of the child and his tolerance of high temperatures.Every child a threshold.During this period, you need to provide the child with copious drinkin


So the child's temperature and the associated headaches can be caused by the flu or a viral infection.

headaches when using cold temperature.A cold compress on your head will ease the child's condition.Now pharmacies sell special packages with gel.They are easy to use.After cooling in the refrigerator packets can be used on any body part.


very terrible disease - inflammation of the membranes of the brain.It is accompanied by a very strong headache.The pain is so strong that by the wayside leaving all the other signs of the disease.

So be careful.If your child has a headache, fever, check his condition carefully.When meningitis is a pain even in the back and neck, it is enhanced by rotating the head.Drowsiness, nausea, confusion - a reason to call an ambulance.There may be a rash on the body.In babies swells fontanelle, crying becomes monotonous.


temperature together with headache in a child can be caused by sinusitis - inflammation of the mucosa of the maxillary sinus.If you notice that the child is constantly stuffy nose, nasal discharge is green, it is likely to sinusitis.The sooner you contact the person, the less will be unpleasant consequences.

First Aid

If the child has a fever, and at the same time he complains of a headache, you first need to keep at rest and bed rest in a well ventilated area, plenty of warm drink and a light meal.

permitted reception antipyretic, analgesic drugs based on paracetamol and ibuprofen.It is necessary to adhere to the dosage and the age limit specified in the instructions to the drug.

can not warm shelter and coddle the child.

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