How to remove fat from the thighs at home with exercise

How to remove fat from the hips in the home care of so many women.The thighs and the abdomen are the most problematic areas of a woman's body.It is complicated, but possible.To do this, first of all, you need to be patient because there are extra weight easily, and go with great reluctance.

Why thighs excess fat postponed

Excess fat, and with it the extra weight, lead to metabolic disorders, which entails a number of violations in the body.The main reason for the appearance of fat on the hips - this is the low mobility.

How to get rid of fat deposits on the thighs: the best thing to do is to increase physical activity.For a morning jog, ride a bicycle, rollerblading, skating or skiing.In addition, you can do special exercises aimed at reducing the volume of the thighs.

set of exercises for the thighs

Stand next to a chair, holding his left hand.Lift right leg bent at the knee.Make ten circular motion clockwise, then against it.Then change legs.

Get up on a small stool in turn - the left f

oot, then right.So 10-15 times on each leg.

lunges forward, right leg first, then the left.Do the same to the side - side attacks.Repeat 10-15 times on each leg.

Sitting on the floor, lift your legs, brought together, up, and spread them apart.Repeat 15-20 times.

Lying on his right side, lift the left leg to a height of 15-20 cm. We fix the position for 1-2 minutes.Then repeat on the left side.

Lying on his right side, his left hand holding the belt, lift the left leg high up.Repeat 20 times and turn on the other side.

Now you know how to make your thighs slim at home, but do not forget that you need to act in the complex.Combining exercise and a reasonable diet, so you need to revise your diet in favor of more useful and less high-calorie foods.

Lose weight in the thighs at home helps and hoop hula-hoop if to twist hula-hoop at least an hour a day.

Tips on nutrition

basic principle of the diet should be a reduction of calories consumed.So it is necessary to minimize the consumption of sweet, flour, salt, smoked, fatty and fried.

Special diets that removed the accumulation hips, no.It can be fast diet.For example, kefir or ginger.Alternatively, a systematic approach to nutrition.

important one.Calorie intake must be less than their consumption.For example, it is necessary to maintain the activity of getting about 2,200 calories daily.In this case, the weight loss process will start, if the body on a daily basis will not dopoluchaet 500 calories.

But it is important to remember that the diet should be balanced.To help you with food getting all the vitamins and nutrients needed for normal body functioning.

sure fluid intake in the form of pure water.If there are no contraindications, the amount of water used is from 1.5 to 2 liters per day (30 ml water per 1 kg of body weight).Water should be clean and free of impurities and gas.Include in your diet a lot of vegetables, herbs, non-sweet fruits and berries.

Video exercise

These exercises will help get rid of cellulite:

Exercises for perfect legs:

results of these exercises will be noticeable as early as 2 weeks:

yoga complex for the thighsand belly: