Delayed speech development in children : how to " talk " baby

child development is very individual.You can not compare their child with other children.

first child only listens, collects the so-called "passive vocabulary", remembers the words and sounds.Later, he collects and develops its "active dictionary": the child begins to emit different sounds, trying to speak.All this takes place somewhere in the 1 year.In the next six months, your child can hardly say a new word, because the vocabulary hardly expands.

Signs and speech development lag symptoms in children

following are the main signs and symptoms of delayed speech development in children.

child does not turn when you refer to it (child age 3-5 months).

not see the difference between fun and melancholy tone (5-6 months).

draws your attention to lament and gestures.Not pronouncing frequently used words by you (11-12 months).

not distinguish between images.It does not respond to questions (from 1 year to 2 years).

can not make a sentence of 2-3 words (2-3 years).

mispronounced a lot of soun

ds.It does not answer the questions of strangers (3-4 years).

age variation may be 1 or 2 a month.


Here's what to do with the violation of the child's development.

Be a model for your child: Speak clearly and understandably, change the tone, often speak on various topics, explains as easy as possible.

In no case do not slow down or speeds up the pronunciation of words.Speak slowly.

answer every question your child.Do not make excuses and do not irritate, even if you have to answer a lot of time.

Do not interrupt the child, let him say what he wants, until the end.

sure to read the child several times a day (best children's poems).

Praise your child when he says or tries to speak correctly.

Drive the kid on the street, let him walk with their peers.If he asks, play with them.The child should not be overexcited, it is harmful to the nervous system, so that the new experience is too limited.

Hike to the pediatrician

It should see a doctor just in case, if the above instructions you do not perform.Be aware of the individual development of each person, do not worry, but simply, pay the child more time, a lot (a lot), talk with him, keep him.

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