Lactase deficiency in newborns : causes, symptoms, treatment

What is lactase deficiency

Lactase deficiency in newborns (causes, symptoms and treatment of this disease will be discussed below) - it is the body's inability to digest lactose - milk sugar. enzyme lactase, or fully or partially disappear from the gut.

To determine lactase deficiency 50 grams of lactose consumed on an empty stomach.If the stomach is swollen, began diarrhea or constipation - the disease is detected.It is also desirable to pass urine and feces.

Parents difficult to see lactase deficiency in your child, such as the symptoms are often present in all healthy children.For diagnosis better to consult a doctor.

Types of lactase deficiency in young children

Primary (stable state, in which a reduced lactose activity).

Secondary (erythrocytes, producing lactose damaged).

Transit (such lactase deficiency manifests itself in premature babies, over time it runs).


Science Known causes of this disease in newborns:

1) Lactase deficiency innate (such people will never be a

ble to drink milk).

2) The disease is temporary and occurs only in the background of some other disease

3) Stimulation of lactation itself mother, constant shifting of the child from one breast to the other.

4) The body baby gets too much breast milk.Do not bend it.

Symptoms There are certain symptoms of lactose intolerance in children:

1) Diarrhea (up to 10 times per day);

2) Vomiting;

3) Abdominal pain;

4) Bloating;

5) Dysbacteriosis;

6) Colic.

Treatment For treatment of this disease in newborns exclude from your diet foods that contain lactose.Go to the various fruit puree.Cook porridge than milk, and bezlaktaznom product.

feed these children is of special blends of lactose.

Be sure to replace the lactose deficiency in the body (this prescription give the child certain pills that help to break down milk sugar).This method allows you to keep breastfeeding.

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