Lack of appetite in children, what is the reason and how to help your child start to eat with gusto

Loving parents will certainly try to give their child the best.Somehow, there is a concept in our country, the so-called "correct".Almost every grandmother and mother with absolute certainty say that the well-fed child - it's good.

lack of appetite in a child should not cause you panic.Each body is unique: some children a good appetite, others - bad.

Children stubborn enough love to fight.

reasons for the lack of appetite in children

The child can not come to taste what you have prepared it.

Firstly, lack of appetite should not scare parents, secondly , it Your immense anxiety can interfere with his return.

One of the reasons that the child does not eat well, is that it may disturb all sorts of experiences.He has, for example, can be a problem in a kindergarten or in the yard, a misunderstanding with his older brothers and sisters.This is for the children is very important, should not take their little troubles like an empty sound.

Poor appetite in a child can be caused by a violation

of the thyroid gland works.Not necessary The child may simply not have enough iodine in the body, but run to the doctor, at breakneck speed.

Many children eat poorly, and it does not mean that they are starving.The body itself knows how much energy you need him.For young animals consume food when really hungry.

fraudulently to force the child to eat is not necessary.Think about another bad property concerns: overeating, too bad.Children with obesity are limited in movement, with age they grow complexes.

Poor appetite may be a consequence of illness kid.If a child who is always good to eat, no appetite abruptly, the reason for this may be:

1. Viral infection.The first signs of a viral infection usually is a general malaise, drowsiness and loss of appetite.

2. When otitis chewing and sucking movements provoke sharp pain in the ears.Check for otitis media can be lightly pressed on the tragus (the small protrusion of cartilage in the external ear).The child, who willingly takes the breast, but weeping throws it, with high probability, can be otitis.A healthy baby is pressing does not cause any discomfort.

3. Cutting teeth, mouth diseases (thrush) and throat (laryngitis) may cause a complete loss of appetite.Usually, the child still can not articulate the difference between "do not want" to eat, and "can not" eat.Perform a thorough inspection of the oral cavity, and if your assumptions are true, feed crumbs a little warm liquid food.

4. Bowel problems are often accompanied by a sharp decrease in appetite, especially for kids who are starting to eat solid foods.The new product is poorly absorbed by the body, causing bloating, increased motility or constipation.

5. Runny nose.A child with "clogged" nose uncomfortable to eat, especially if it is breastfed.Regularly washing the nose with saline and dripping vasoconstrictor drops before a meal, you will be able to facilitate his eating routine.

6. Have a child of worms can also affect appetite.In order to remove this item you need to pass a special test.

7. Stress.The child may refuse to eat, if he feels not only physical discomfort, but also experiencing internal experiences.For example, moving to a new residence, a trip to an unfamiliar place, a trip to the garden, the absence of one of the parents - it's also can be the cause of poor appetite in children.

What to do if your child does not eat

main thing - is to listen to your children.They will know when they are hungry.

To reduce your anxiety, feed the baby several times a day, but in small portions.

If you are still worried about poor appetite in a child, you can go from the other side frequently walk with him, sometimes in the open air, play outdoor games.Children are extremely energetic, they need a lot of strength.In this situation, they want to eat.

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