How to deal with a child 6-7 months, which should be able to make the baby at this age

began the second half in your child's life.He already knows how much, but it is still a lot to learn.In this he was, of course, have to help the parents.How to help your child and how to deal with a child 6-7 months?

Learning to crawl

Many babies at six months are already starting to crawl.For the development of crawling skills can be practiced with the baby gymnastics.It is very convenient to do so during regular morning exercises.

child Hands train "pulling".Take the baby for the handle and lift it up a bit.Child straining muscles of the arms and thus their trains.

Alternately bend the baby's legs or both feet together.The child straightens the legs and pushes her mother's arms.

Children at this age are very fond of different "Noise Maker".Show rattle baby pogremite it, but do not let his hands.The child is interested and wants to get to the toy.

Free child site for crawling.Remove any dangerous items.Spread a special blanket.Along the perimeter lay toy - it will cause the child to mov

e.But do not let the child get bored.Play with it.Show that you need to do to toy rustled.Involve the child's attention to different toys.

grasping skills and fine motor skills

How to deal with a baby at this age to develop his grasping skills?The kid is already well able to hold rattle, she knows how to rattle them.It is already beginning to miss, and things that do not fit into the palm.

necessary to encourage grasping movements kid.Let him "uncomfortable" objects: balls, cubes, circles.Shows him how they should be kept to the kid training.

You can teach yourself to drink from a cup.Nothing that first he will pour all over.

Speech skills

How to develop language skills?Kids at this age may be a long time to babble, repeating certain syllables.This is not a word, but at this time laid the foundations of speech.Anyone who talks to a child, should speak very clearly.Try to eat more often short words: one syllable or two-syllable.Call objects, let the kid know them and shows her finger.

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