Pediculosis in children : causes, symptoms , treatment, prevention , basic drugs lice for children

Almost every family faced with the phenomenon of head lice.For many parents, it is a state of shock.Previously it was believed that lice - a sign of uncleanliness.But it turns out, the lice just like "pure" children.They are easier to suck the blood when the head is cleaned.

where children can catch head lice?

Children suffer from head lice more often than adults, because of the frequent contact with other children.These are the main causes of head lice in children.Sadiq, school or summer camp - children are always among the team.

Lice spread, crawling from one person to another, or when using the common things: clothing, combs, towels.


Symptoms of head lice in children following: if the child frequently scratches his head and under his hair combed the skin, it can be lice.

Check carefully the child's head.No if there nits?Nits look like tiny bubbles with the liquid.If nits are found, then the child has lice.


Treatment In the treatment of head lice in children scalp t

reated with a special tool.Now pharmacies sold a lot of different drugs.The most effective ones are as follows:

¬ęPara-Plus" spray.Use of this drug is allowed for children older than 2.5 years.Very efficient and easy to use.

Various products based on permethrin: gel and lotion "Pedeks" shampoo "Higiya" permetrinovaya ointment.These preparations can be applied to two months.

drugs are very toxic, so follow the instructions for use carefully.

After the drug must be carefully combed the baby's head and pick all the nits, or lice can start again.

sure to boil the baby clothes, clothes, pillows, towels.


disease for prevention of head lice in children is necessary once a week to examine carefully the child's head.Explain why you can not use other people's things.You can shampoo, which you wash the baby's head, add the essential oils of tea tree or lavender.These odors repel lice.

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