Can pregnant women to treat teeth and use painkillers

Everyone in my life has ever appealed to the dentist for help in dentistry.One carries less and have to visit a doctor since childhood, others more of their first visits begin with the coming of age.Can pregnant women treated teeth?Sometimes it happens that women simply do not have time to heal before pregnancy teeth or simply do not think about it.

During pregnancy there is a risk of infection through the skin surface of the tooth.Ideal - when a woman will cure the oral cavity even during the planning.

it possible to treat the teeth with anesthesia during pregnancy?After all, most are afraid of pain and are trying in every way to get rid of it.Do not forget that during pregnancy the woman is responsible also for the life of her unborn child, and anesthesia, whatever it was, had a negative impact on the mother and her baby.

in antenatal care centers have dental offices, where the woman is checked for the presence of caries and take all possible action to eliminate it.

Can pregnant put the c

rown?Of course, pregnancy is not the best time to insert dental implants, as this process is accompanied by pain, that not everyone is able to withstand.It is better to be engaged in it before pregnancy or after the end of feeding.

Dental treatment during pregnancy should be seen as an emergency measure, that is, if you have tooth decay, its cure is required, and it is better to do it without anesthesia.

In the event that during pregnancy there was a flux, the dentist can use painkillers "pregnant", but they require a carefully selected doses, so do not apply to representatives of "working at home", but rather go into dentistry.Since you painkillers during pregnancy is undesirable, the doctor will prescribe a gargle with grasses.

When it is necessary to apply to the dentist?

When it is necessary to address to the doctor?Most often it occurs in expectant mothers tooth decay and gum disease.Cavities in the early stages determined even approximately (check carefully using a conventional mirror their teeth).Black spots and small holes - this is caries.

If the tooth has started to respond to the sour, sweet, cold, hot - it also indicates the presence of caries and is a cause for treatment to the doctor.

If you have started to bleed gums - also does not hurt to go to dentistry and to get special treatment-and-prophylactic toothpaste.Incidentally, gums may bleed due to lack of ascorbic acid (vitamin C).

conclude that dental treatment should be carried out well before pregnancy and during the 9 months of covenant should be used only in emergency dental situations.

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