Raw food diet : pros and cons , the impact of raw food consumption on the body

Today, more and more women began to turn to different methods of weight loss.Many talk about raw food diet, the pros and cons which make you think about whether to stick to this way of eating or not.

raw food diet also has clear limitations in the diet and is divided into several areas.Full transition to a vegetarian diet, the use of all the products in raw form (even fish and meat), excluding animal products.

raw food Pros:

Undoubtedly, there are numerous advantages of a raw food diet.

1. A large number of fat consumed only benefit your stomach, creating a sort of shake-up for him.Skin problems can also be solved by means of the use of more vegetables.

2. The raw food contains more vitamins than processed with heat.

3. No opportunities to overeat, so detrimental effect on the figure.Raw food not only nourishes the body with vitamins, but also allows you to throw off excess weight.

4. weight correction is better than mixed diets.

raw food Cons:

Now let's talk about the cons of a raw

food diet.

1. Contraindications may be problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

2. Pretty hard to make balanced meals that correspond to the amount of vitamins and does not interfere with absorption of important vitamins such as D and calcium.

3. When used raw fish and meat increases the risk of helminth infection.

4. difficulties in sticking to its target at a party or on holidays.

course, eating raw food is quite good for the body, but if you have decided on this way of eating, be adjusted to the fact that you have to stick with it for life, because if you decide to become raw foodists only because of the desire to lose weight,then the kilos back not only the rapid termination, but also "overtake" your former weight.

Do not think that eating vegetables, you can not be diversity in food.It plays an important role imagination.You can do a variety of salads, or eat vegetables whole.

Undoubtedly, animal proteins differ from those found in vegetables and completely replace each other, they can not.

Decide for yourself whether you like the raw food diet, the pros and cons of which are described above.Think several times before making the final choice, go to the hospital to check your body - whether it is ready for a "raw" life.

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