Tape Hair extension : reviews , price , photo and video

becoming increasingly popular tape hair extensions.What it looks like, look at the photos.Buy strands of ribbon can build the cabin, a store or on the internet.For the procedure commonly used hair European or Slavic type.

technology capacity

tape hair extensions tape method involves the use of natural strands are attached using a special tool.Attached to the hair near the scalp and distributed evenly.This procedure is considered less harmful for the hair and scalp than others.

Used medical strips that are applied to a hypoallergenic adhesive.It does not smell, it does not harm the skin and does not feel on his head.Proceedings procedure is shown in the video.

hair extension procedure takes only 40 minutes.strand length can be 20-65 cm. After the procedure, the hair lie flat, without sharing in the strands.They do not need to constantly combing.

What keeps a tape capacity

As for how much tape holding capacity, then, as a rule, it is sufficient for three months.But it is not recommended to

wait so long, experts advise to carry out a correction every two months, so that the hair does not become worse.

If properly to care for hair graft, then you can adjust them to four times, the strands can be reused.Making the correction does not hurt, it does not harm neither the skin nor the hair.

If Naroscheny hair tired, they can be removed using any substance with alcohol, and then increase again.In the opinion of many women, after a hair extension using tapes of your own hair will be longer and bigger.

Types of hair extension technology using tapes

Now on the market of hairdressing popular two methods: the German and Italian Hair Talk Angelohair.

procedure Hair Talk

German belt extensions Hair Talk is quick and easy (of 30-60 minutes).It is an attachment to the hair ribbons with sticky resin.The process of building the belt Hair Talk a look at the video.

hair come from high-quality and natural, carefully processed (length from 25 to 40 cm).Easily removed without damage to your hair.Shades over 20, they can also be painted in any color.


Italian Angelohair slightly different technology.Hair keratin mounted on an acrylic base with tools.Place bonding virtually invisible.Selection of hair in this technology even more extensive than Hair Talk.More details in the video.

Advantages and disadvantages of tape capacity

tape technology has its pros and cons.


  1. Virtually no contraindications.
  2. strands are used more than once.
  3. With hair you can do: wash any shampoo, dry the hair dryer, curling, coloring.
  4. procedure does not take long, a wide ribbon attached strands.
  5. almost no effect on the hair: no mechanical or thermal.
  6. requires no special equipment.
  7. technology helps increase the volume of hair, their length, color or Streaked hair without touching their hair.
  8. strands are exactly as their own, attach the invisible.
  9. natural result.


  1. Fragility (lasts no longer than 3-4 months), the correction - every two months.
  2. Do not pull the hair or remove them to the tail, it is possible to deform the hair.
  3. At night you need to braid hair in a braid, and while washing reject ago.
  4. can not paint the hair roots.
  5. His hair are inside the hair, pressed at the roots.
  6. Price high procedure!If you're wondering how much the procedure, according to reviews the price is above 10000 rubles.It depends on the number of strands, the quality of materials, the cost of operation.
  7. step by step with the hair extension technology ribbons are available on video.

How to care for hair after extension

If you have built up your hair, you should buy a special comb for combing.Before going to bed should be locks braid plait.Do not strongly pull the hair.It is forbidden to go to bed with a wet head.

My head, apply shampoo gently.It should not remain in the roots, the hair should be thoroughly rinsed.Wash your head only standing because the hair should not lean forward or backward to avoid tangling.Wipe the head to be careful not to twist the hair.Balms, creams and masks are applied to the entire length of hair, except the roots.

Contraindications to build ribbons

have hair extensions in a band there are contraindications:

  1. strongly falling hair;
  2. idiosyncrasy and allergy;
  3. vascular dystonia;
  4. skin disease on the head;
  5. hormonal drugs;
  6. sensitive skin on your head.

hair extensions on tape technology can be done independently, but it is difficult, if the "hand is not packed."It is better to go to a beauty salon.

hair extensions on tape technology can be done independently, but it is difficult, if the "hand is not packed."It is better to go to a beauty salon.