Vitamins for hair growth , skin and nails

Vitamins certainly need hair.They strengthen them, making beautiful and healthy.Today we will try to help you in choosing the good vitamins for hair growth.

What vitamins are needed for their hair to grow?

First of all, do not interfere with B vitamins for hair: folic, pantothenic and nicotinic acid, thiamine, biotin, riboflavin, pyridoxine, the lack of which leads to hair loss.

One of the most basic is vitamin B6 (pyridoxine), whose mission - to stimulate hair growth, prevent dandruff.One of the best vitamins preventing brittleness, - vitamin B12.

hair in need of vitamin A, which improves the functioning of the immune system;vitamins C and E, which promote blood supply to the scalp.

in vitamin complexes include iron for hair strengthening, zinc to prevent their loss, sulfur for the color, silicon for power, molybdenum for growth, methylsulfonylmethane for recovery.

Where to buy vitamins to strengthen hair?This is best done in a drugstore or salon.

Balanced diet for hair growth

People pay little attention to diet.If you have decided to strengthen hair and nails with vitamins, do not forget about nutrition.Proper nutrition is necessary, many vitamins contained in the product:

  1. Vitamins group B - in carrots, eggs, nuts, legumes and grains, avocados, bananas, potatoes, sunflower seeds, nuts, liver, kidneys, cabbage, pork, poultry meat, fish, cheese, milk.
  2. Vitamin E - in sunflower seeds, flax, and vegetable oil, nuts.
  3. Vitamin C - citrus fruits, rosehips, peppers, currants, cabbage.
  4. Vitamin A - in fish, liver, dried apricots, yellow and green vegetables and butter.
  5. Vitamin H - in porridge, brewer's yeast, soy, legumes, nuts.
  6. Iron - in the liver and nuts.
  7. Molybdenum - liver, cocoa and peas.
  8. Silicon - in root crops (beets, carrots) and cereals.
  9. Sera - in fish and garlic.
  10. Zinc - legumes, liver, shrimp, cereals.

What you need to have the hair to grow faster?

hair to grow faster, you need to increase your intake of vegetables, fruits, olive oil, wild rose, nuts and honey.In the winter diet include oatmeal, herring and sauerkraut.Drink 2 liters of water a day.This diet will help your hair stay healthy and strong.More details in the video below.

special vitamin complexes

There are a lot of special vitamins, from cheap to expensive.They are designed to solve hair problems.One of the drugs - pantovigar.It has an affordable price and is effective against hair loss.

Let's list a good vitamin complexes: Aevitum, alerana, beauty, Bioton, evonia, komplevit, Laval, inneov, phyto, Vitasharm, vichy, nsp, Perfekt, lekomaks, Vitrum, priorin, iherb, Revalid, solgar.

Merz Merz and beauty

simplify the recovery of damaged hair use of vitamins for hair, skin and nails Merz.At the heart of - amino acids with sulfur, vitamins C, A and E. A complex Merz beauty includes B vitamins, zinc, folic acid and biotin.Drops Merz as pantovigar, improves metabolism, helping hair growth.Responses to the drug mostly good.


One of inexpensive and costs are vitamins for hair and nails Alerana that contain the necessary elements and reviews shoppers are effective.


Bioadditive inneov also highly valued in the forums, despite the considerable cost.


phyto preparation is expensive, but it is rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids, is guaranteed to help solve the problem of hair loss.


fairly inexpensive, but effective and safe Aevitum considered vitamins.These include vitamins A and E in high doses and effectively act as part of the nutrient for hair masks.

hair expert from Evalar

Many women highly praised Vitamins Evalar producer called hair expert.They contain zinc, taurine, cystine, brewer's yeast, and horsetail.Vitamins Evalar called in a review, "miracle" capsules, noting that after the use of the drug the hair expert hair becomes shiny and thick.

DoppelGerts (DoppelHerz)

good vitamins companies dopel Hertz with copper, zinc, biotin, vitamins B and C. Included in the Doppelgerts-active herbal ingredients and minerals to nourish the skin and the hair, improve metabolism.Means dopel Hertz quite affordable.Reviews DoppelHerz asset is different, but many say they are good for the hair loss vitamins from.


say about Vitasharm complex.Underlying - vitamins B and A, improve blood circulation and support nails and hair.

BAA Sophia

For these purposes, you can use dietary supplements Sophia.Sofia there will be all the nutrients, plus herbal supplements a part of vitamins for hair and nails.

Lady's formula

becoming increasingly popular Biocomplex Lady formula, developed on the basis of vitamin and mineral supplements and herbal extracts.At its creation took into account the basic needs of the female body.One of the most popular lines from this manufacturer - Ladies vitamin formula for hair, skin and nails.This enhanced formula that 100% will strengthen your hair.

Supplements Solgar

may be noted Supplements Solgar - source of zinc, vitamin C and copper.Solgar Tablets for skin, hair and nails support the hair in perfect condition.But Solgar drug is not cheap.

Vitrum Beauty

For girls suit complex Vitrum beauty, it renews the skin cells, prevents loss, stimulates the growth of hair and nails, normalizing metabolism due to vitamins, minerals, amino acids and an extract of horsetail.

Complivit Radiance

Someone ideal complex for hair Complivit Radiance because it contains antioxidants (green tea, lipoic acid).

Perfectil Plus

complex Perfectil Plus includes pills for nails, skin and hair, and capsules with coenzyme Q10, lycopene, polyunsaturated fatty acids and omega-3.They are important for the renewal of skin cells, hair and nails.


If you have not yet decided what vitamins drink, the forums have a lot of positive reviews about Revalid complex, try to start with him.

Hair masks with vitamins

popular means to maintain the hair in good condition - the mask.They nourish the hair, give them a shine and smoothness.As part of the pharmacy means of their complementary vitamins in capsules or hair vitamins for hair tablets.More details in the video.

How to add vitamins for hair mask self

Assist and liquid vitamins (eg, vitamin E for hair), which are sold in pharmacies in the form of ampoules.They are inexpensive.How to use vitamins in ampoules for hair?They can be added to the hair mask applied to roots.

can add vitamin B complex capsules in shampoo or balm.Measure out the necessary vitamins in drops, hair, enough of this.This hair care gives a great result.That masks recipes for hair strengthening.

Recipe with burdock

colorless henna (4 tbsp. L.) Pour hot water for 15 minutes.Burdock oil (4 tbsp. L.) Boil.All mix and add vitamins A and E (2 Art. L.).Apply to wet hair, and 2 hours wrapped in polythene.Wash off without shampoo.

recipe with aloe, honey and lemon

1 ch. L.vitamin B2, 1 hr. l.aloe juice, 1 hr. l.honey and lemon mixed with 1 crushed garlic clove.Apply to wet hair, wrapped with polyethylene, hold 30 minutes, wash off.The smell of garlic will save rinsing hair with mustard.


vitamins for hair systems, there are many cheap and expensive, domestic and imported, with a standard set of nutrients and exotic supplements.We hope that our article has helped you understand what vitamins are necessary for hair.The lush and healthy head of hair you, ladies!