Diet 4 blood group : what foods are best to eat

Diet 4 blood group diet originated from the assumption that the separation of different blood groups occurred in different periods of human evolution.Initially, the mother of all blood group was the first group of blood.In those days, people ate only meat and engaged in hunting.

Then the man mastered agriculture, and with the advent of new food and there was a second group of blood.Then people began to explore new lands, to domesticate livestock and milk to eat, there was a third group of blood.Today our diet for people with 4 blood group will be considered.

fourth group of blood

fourth group of blood is the most rare.This is the most "young" blood group.This blood group is like a mixture of "hunters" and "farmers", but some of the features they have taken, and by "nomads".

example, stress relief for people with a fourth blood group using relaxation and visualization with the same arrangements for people with a third group of blood.The reaction to conflict situations for people with the bloo

d of the fourth group are similar to the reactions of people-farmers.

People with 4 blood group developed different sensitivity, innovative thinking, strong intuition.They are very sociable, curious, emotional.

representatives of this group are subject to neuroses and self-criticism, which leads to lower their self-esteem.People with blood group AB (IV) it is necessary to relax properly and create a positive atmosphere around themselves.


Diet provides a mixed diet.Acceptable and meat - lamb, rabbit, turkey, fish, and dairy products.This group also omnivorous, as a third group of blood.However, in the fourth group has its own problems, especially when choosing a diet.

Although this group and relates in part to a "hunter" digestive system but are not so prepared to digest meat, as, for example, the "hunting".

There may be problems with the gastrointestinal tract and a set of extra weight.Therefore, the diet reduces the consumption of meat to vegetables.The same problem arises with legumes.For the "farmers", which partly relates fourth group, it's a great meal, and in the fourth group of problems may arise.The diet restricts consumption of legumes, buckwheat and corn.

In addition, to reduce the weight of the people of the fourth group of blood should be reduced consumption of wheat.

Prohibited products

red meat.Poorly absorbed and is toxic to the digestive system.Forms fat.

Vegetable kidney beans.Lowers blood glucose levels and inhibits the metabolic processes in the body.

lima beans, corn, buckwheat.Provokes diseases - hypoglycaemia.

Wheat.It inhibits metabolism.It reduces the effect of insulin.

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