Diet 3 days 5 kg : different menu options and a description of the low-carbohydrate diet

Diet 3 days 5 kg well to get rid of the extra kilos, but only if you are okay with the stomach.In general, the three-day diet is designed to quickly remove the extra weight in the short term.So let's take a closer look at the power menu for this diet.

Recipe №1

Breakfast - take a drink of water honey and lemon juice.To do this, dissolve in a glass of water a tablespoon of honey and add a few drops of lemon juice.After this drink can do their morning chores.After half an hour you can have a cup of coffee or tea.

for lunch - boiled turkey with vegetables.Meat should be no more than 500 g

Dinner - a decoction of cabbage without salt.

If you have a strong sense of hunger, you drink at night low-fat yogurt.

Recipe number 2

This diet is very hard for the body, so you can use it very rarely.

breakfast - soft-boiled egg.Then every three hours you eat cottage cheese and tea.It turns out, about, instead of lunch and afternoon snack.This daily diet is over, you can drink water only.

Recipe №3

That version of medium difficulty.

first day.In the morning, not getting out of bed, drink half a liter of water.At breakfast - cocoa with honey, after 15 minutes - grapefruit.

Lunch bake lean fish or chicken with vegetables.Afternoon snack - yogurt.Dinner - vegetable broth.Before going to bed - yogurt.

second day.Before snack to drink half a liter of water, grepfrutovy juice, cocoa and honey and half a liter of vegetable broth.At lunch, eat yogurt.Dinner - fish with vegetables without salt.Before going to bed - yogurt.

third day.Before dinner, drink a liter of water.Lunch - low-fat cottage cheese with honey and yogurt.Snack - dried fruits.Dinner - fish or chicken with vegetables.

Recipe №4

very rigid diet.In the morning eat white boiled eggs, half an hour later - a grapefruit, half an hour later - egg protein.So alternate the protein and grapefruit.During the day you can eat 5 eggs and 5 of grapefruit.And so continue 3 days.

Low-carb diet

first and most important rule of any weight loss - you can not just sit on the water and go hungry!In this case, the body will begin to save every calorie, losing weight people will be sluggish and sleepy, and the scales will be hard to demonstrate the same weight.And that the worst - after the hunger strike all eaten the body begins to delay, and the weight will begin to dramatically grow rapidly.

to competently make an individual diet for weight loss, you can use the principles of the most diverse diets.For example, a diet low in carbohydrates causes the body is very effective to get rid of fat, and the excess water, but it can only observe people without chronic diseases gastrointestinal tract and kidneys.

When low-carbohydrate diet allowed:

foods high in protein - fish, chicken, eggs, seafood;

vegetables are low in sugar and starch - cabbage, cucumbers, squash, greens.

fall under the prohibition of fruits, cereals, breads, sweets, alcohol and foods high in fat.

optimal dose can make losing weight any convenient way:

  • «right hand" - a portion of the protein product equal to the palm (without fingers), vegetables should be placed in the two palms folded together.
  • «Rule dish" - a small plate (saucer) 1 quarter filled with protein products, the remaining 3 quarters - vegetables.
  • Using weights - 70g protein product, 150-200 g - vegetables.

should Eat 5 times a day, every 3 hours.Discipline in this case is very important, so if you can not eat at home you need to take a portion of himself.

Observe the low-carbohydrate diet for a long time can not be, for further weight loss diet in the first half of the day (the first three meals), you can add carbohydrate side dishes - pasta (pasta), cereals, whole grain bread.A portion of the carbohydrate side dish - 2 tablespoons, but protein foods and vegetables in this case, eat a little less.The rest of the rules remain the same diet.

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