Diet 3 days on 3 kg : some of the most popular diets with a quick result

diet for 3 days on 3 kg of the best shows itself before the holidays.It is necessary to sit down at this time, in the first place to look good, and secondly, to less than a kilogram was recruited after the holidays.A diet that lets you quickly lose 3 kg, is available in several versions.

Banana Diet

Strict banana diet allows to eat three bananas a day, and drink their milk.That is the daily diet of such a diet: three bananas and three glasses of low-fat milk.Milk can replace kefir.All the amount of food to be divided into three meals.

Apple diet

Apple diet menu consists of the following three days.

first day.Breakfast - boiled meat, two hard-boiled eggs, vegetable salad.Dinner - boiled meat, vegeta

ble salad.Every two hours you need to eat an apple.You can drink tea and water.

second day.On the second day we abandon breakfast and dinner, for lunch eat salad and fruit.Do not forget about the apple every two hours.

third day.Breakfast - fruit and vegetable salad.Dinner - boiled meat, vegetable salad.From dinner refuse.Every two hours to eat an apple.

Unloading diet

diet principle is simple.This diet is unloading.The first day - preparing the body to diet, the second day - starvation, the third day - a way out of starvation.

So, the first day begins with a herbal tea and fruit juice.For lunch we eat fruit, vegetables, or vegetable salad with vegetable oil.In the evening, again, drink herbal tea and juice.All this must be done before seven o'clock in the evening.After seven hours, the food can not accept.

second day - drink only water.

third day begins with a herbal tea.At lunch - salad with coarse vegetables: cabbage, carrots, oil-free.Dinner - herbal tea and no food.

Blueberry diet

Blueberry diet is based on the properties of blueberries burn fat.

breakfast - cheese, sour cream, half a cup of blueberries, yogurt.

second breakfast - yogurt with blueberries.

Dinner - cottage cheese, sour cream, half a cup of blueberry yogurt.

Dinner - yogurt and blueberries.

How to speed up weight loss

One express diet for successful weight loss can be enough - you need to help the body get rid of "ballast" - excess weight.To make the body more rapidly destroy body fat, needed exercise.Muscle burns calories three times greater than adipose tissue, and, moreover, after exercise muscles several hard hours continue wasting power.

conclusion from the above one - losing weight requires regular exercise.Perfect Slimming running, walking, swimming, cycling, power loads in the gym, various gymnastics and stretching exercises.

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