Treatment of infertility in men - best practices

According to statistics, every tenth couple is faced with the problem of infertility, that is, is not able to conceive a child without medical intervention. Thus, "the culprit" 45% of cases it is impossible to conceive a child is male, and 40% - a woman.The remaining about 15% are cases of immunological infertility and other forms, more rarely detectable form.

symptoms and causes of the disease

Male infertility - a specific condition, which is caused by a large number of reasons.If the exact causes of male infertility are known, there is the legitimate question of whether male infertility is treated and how to cope with this disease.In other cases, when the cause of the disease can not be detected, different empirical methods can be used.

detail to know how much is tested for infertility of one or both spouses can be found in specialized institutions.To begin with, it is necessary to define the concept of infertility itself.

Modern medicine believes that male infertility is the inability for any r

eason, the mature male body to conceive a child.In fact, an analysis of male infertility can reveal the exact cause of disease only in some cases.Moreover, infertility is not a disease, but rather a specific state of the organism in which possible violations of different systems and organs of the body.The result of such violations and acts as the pathology that leads to the inability to conceive a child.

effective and correct treatment of infertility in men is possible only in cases where the causes are clear violations.We are all accustomed to the fact that every disease has some symptoms, but experts say that male infertility is no clear characteristic signs.The question of where to check up on infertility, the couple should be the case when during the year of active sex life without contraception, pregnancy does not occur.

Male infertility is detected exclusively in the course of infertility survey the couple when an expert is at the hands of both spouses analyzes.

How to check a man infertility

Everything would be much easier if the fertility depended only on male sexual activity.However, it is not.The cause of male infertility can be a disease, unexpected even for the men - for example, sexually transmitted diseases, which have absolutely no manifestations, hypothermia or overheating, a sedentary lifestyle, trauma, and much more.There is also

immune male infertility, wherein the human body become prominent antibodies against its own sperm.Violations of this type is detected in approximately 15% of patients.The reason for its occurrence may act trauma, infection, a role in that can play, and a genetic predisposition.However, even the most experienced professional can not accurately identify all the causes of infertility in men.

If you suspect the presence of a disease, do not look for self-treatment of infertility in the home, as well as the opportunity to determine the cause of the disease.After all, this requires a thorough and comprehensive diagnosis under the guidance of an experienced specialist.

Varinty treatment of infertility in men

Any therapy should begin with a general medical and organizational measures, which are aimed at eliminating domestic and occupational exposures, normalization of work and rest of the patient, and others. Therefore, one should not expect that the specialist just prescribe the patient the medicationinfertility and let him go home.

Drug therapy is usually used in disorders of spermatogenesis caused by infection of the genitals, endocrine disorders or sexually-ejaculatory changes.

For treatment use different groups of drugs:. Androgens, anti-estrogens, the hormones, the secretion of prolactin inhibitors, angioprotectors, tools for correcting sexual dysfunction and other

If you have questions about how to cure infertility in men should be referred to qualified service personnel who canidentify the causes of disease and prescribe appropriate therapy.

treatment of immunological infertility

first step in the treatment of immune infertility can be called the elimination of all possible factors that contributed to the development of autoimmune process in the reproductive system.

However, in some cases, such activities do not provide the complete disappearance of sperm antibodies, when their creation has already begun.Therefore, the second phase of treatment requires the use of complex therapeutic measures.

male infertility Treatment of folk remedies

In addition to traditional methods of treatment, it is also possible the use of various folk remedies.It is worth noting that doctors recommend to folk remedies for male infertility used only as additional measures, rather than the primary treatment.

Pretty good results wormwood infertility in men.For the treatment of used water tincture of seeds of (a glass of boiling water 1 teaspoon of seeds), which should be drunk during the day.For these purposes, you can use alcohol tincture of wormwood.

Infertility Treatment with leeches also gives a good effect.The essence of this therapy is that enzymes isolated leech, enter the bloodstream in a human body, after which the enzyme dose microscopically affect the desired area of ​​the body.

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