About how to treat infertility in men .Control and prevention methods

Today, every tenth couple is infertile.In our country, given the severe environmental situation, and some other unfavorable factors, infertility rate is slightly higher in the marriage.

This infertility in men beginning considered relatively recently, as the inability to conceive a child it was customary to blame the women.Over time, the absurdity of this view has been proven statistically.

Modern experts have shown that about half of the cases it is impossible to have a child is to blame man.At the same time statistics show that over the past 50 years the concentration of sperm in the semen of men has decreased by half.

Unfortunately, most men still prefer the position of "non-interference", considering feminine infertility problem.Moreover, the majority of boys believe that once they have expressed problems with potency, then the problems with conception can not be.

However, in reality things different and you should know that male infertility is not always dependent on the potency

Causes and features of pathology

Among the main causes of male infertility allocate some of the most common, which are well known in the art.In addition, there is a cause of infertility in men, which causes such a pathology is very rare and less well-known doctors.

The most common causes of male infertility include infectious and inflammatory diseases, trauma and tumors of the pelvic organs, obstruction of the seminiferous tubules, varicocele, congenital diseases, hormonal disorders, and psychosexual disorders.

Separately isolated and immunological infertility in men, which is an autoimmune process.This pathology occurs in approximately 15% of patients.With this form of infertility, the patient identifies antibodies to sperm, thereby destroying their reproductive ability.

Regardless of the causes of the disease, experts distinguish its various degrees.Thus, male infertility is diagnosed in the first degree if his whole life man could never conceive.

Secondary infertility is diagnosed in patients who already have children but are unable to conceive in a given case.

Symptoms of male infertility

believed that each particular disease has its own characteristic features, which can determine its presence.In the case of male infertility is not so clear.In fact, the symptoms of male infertility can be different, depending on the cause of the pathology.

However, even experienced professionals are not able to identify its presence or absence only symptomatically, without conducting clinical tests.

important to note that male infertility is not considered a separate disease, but rather a specific condition in which a man is unable to conceive.

Testing for infertility in men, as a rule, take place within the framework of inspection of married couples, in order to clarify the reasons for the inability to conceive.It is very rare to identify male infertility tests rents itself the intended patient.

checks on male infertility is advisable to go in the event that within a year of active sex life without contraception pregnancy in a sexual partner has not come even once.Determine the number and level of activity of the sperm allows simple analysis called semen.

If the proportion of active sperm is less than half, you should conduct a more detailed analysis to identify the causes of disease.Detailed know how to define infertility in men can be found, consultation with a specialist.

How to treat the illness?

Today, doctors believe all treatable forms of the disease.It is very important in the treatment of surgical procedures have to be applied when indicated in a patient.Especially difficult are the reconstructive plastic surgery - reconstruction of the vas deferens.

In fact, an unambiguous answer to the question of how to treat male infertility, no.Depending on the reasons that provoked this pathology specialist selects the desired treatment option.

So, if there is infection and / or inflammation in the area of ​​the pelvic prescribe antibiotics when the nature of the endocrine disease - hormonal therapy.
As additional methods of treatment, herbal medicine is often recommended for infertility.

As practice shows, complete adequate treatment medication therapy combined with herbs for infertility gives very good results.

is important to understand that herbs for male infertility can yield tangible results only when they are used as an auxiliary, not primary treatment.In addition to herbal medicine as part of comprehensive treatment, an expert may be appointed physiotherapy infertility.

important to note that with careful implementation of the recommendations and the doctor's prescriptions, recovery patients and their birth children naturally occurs in 75-80% of cases.

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