What is a vitamin deficiency : symptoms, signs and effects of the disease

Vitamin deficiency is a painful condition which has arisen due to lack of exposure or rapid destruction of essential vitamins for a long enough time.Sometimes a person lacks only of a single substance (for example, he develops a vitamin B1 deficiency disease), and sometimes in the body there is a lack of several important vitamins (in this case we are talking about poliavitaminoze).Causes of vitamin deficiency are different, but sometimes people are to blame in the appearance of this pathology.For example, overly strict diets so popular today, fraught with the development of beriberi.

Symptoms spring beriberi

That spring, after a long and cold winter, people are most prone to vitamin deficiency.This is due, as a rule, the fact that the food is low in vitamins and minerals in the cold season.Moreover, the spring is often exacerbated various gastrointestinal disease, in which blood absorbability vitamins.Yes, and some medications used to treat, such as gastritis or gastric ulcer, also reduce digestib

ility of vitamins (such drugs include, above all, suspension - Fosfalyugel, Almagel, Maalox, and others).

person suffering from vernal beriberi usually complain of drowsiness, increased irritability, and chronic fatigue - it can not cope with the usual amount of work, or it takes a longer time.It has visible signs of vitamin deficiency: the appearance on the skin of pimples and acne, dull hair and hair loss, chapped lips, brittle nails and skin peeling.When you see these symptoms it is best to consult a general practitioner, so he found the cause of the patient's condition and appointed appropriate treatment.It is also recommended to enrich your diet foods that contain large amounts of vitamins, and taking multivitamin preparations.

How does vitamin deficiency in the skin?

Unfortunately, especially vitamin deficiency is not the best way affects the person's appearance.One should think about their own health, if the skin acquired an unhealthy shade of pale, become dull and dry.There should also be alert and skin propensity to irritation and inflammation.

vitamin deficiency is often visible on the face in the form of a large number of acne.It caused by the lack of such a phenomenon in the body of important vitamins like.A, E and C. To prevent this unpleasant defect as acne with vitamin deficiency, you should choose foods rich in these vitamins, and it is to take a multivitamin complexes.It should be eaten butter plant and animal origin, citrus, fresh fruit and vegetables.

Signs of vitamin deficiency include skin and its increased dryness, peeling and cracks.This problem experts attributed primarily to the acute shortage in the body of important vitamins like.A, C, E and group B Dry skin is not only fraught with the formation of wrinkles and early aging, but also to the development of serious diseases.For example, with vitamin deficiency.And often develop a disease called follicular hyperkeratosis, which manifests the appearance of "goose skin" on the forearms, knees, hips and legs.Doctors definitely recommend taking a multivitamin and fully fed, in order to prevent serious consequences of vitamin deficiency.For some diseases, which triggers vitamin deficiency, unfortunately, it is easier to prevent than to cure.

Another common symptom of this phenomenon as a deficiency disease - spots on the skin.The appearance of age spots due to inadequate intake of vitamins that have antioxidant effect - that is why in limited areas of the skin darkening appear inclined to increase the area and merge with each other.These include vitamins A, E and C. If their deficiency skin begins to age rapidly, and sun exposure only aggravates the situation.When these spots recommended to consult a doctor, dermatologist, eat right and take vitamins.All this, together with the designated doctor treatment will reduce pigmentation and its complete disappearance after the restoration of normal metabolic processes.

Increased secretion of the sebaceous glands develops when vitamin deficiency of vitamin B2.Needless to oily skin quickly soiled, but because her often have pimples and acne.It is worth thinking about the lack of this vitamin in the event of frequent and recurrent herpes, as well as abrasions.Also, riboflavin deficiency is fraught with the development of nervous disorders, depression, gastritis, decreased visual acuity, and even can cause reduced life.Therefore, it is necessary to ensure adequate intake of this vitamin.It is found in eggs, the Greek, oatmeal, fish, legumes, yeast, mushrooms, apricots, cabbage, whole wheat bread and tomatoes.

With a shortage of vitamin B2 can develop rosacea.When this disease affects the facial skin, and shows the rosacea, spider veins and diffuse redness.Supplementation with vitamin B2, helps to reduce inflammation and reduce swelling.

If we talk about what it looks like vitamin E deficiency disease, it should be noted, first of all, the formation of stretch marks on the skin that resemble the effects of pregnancy.From this problem affects not only women but also men.Therefore, when such a cosmetic defect shows the use of vitamins B6 and E.

Signs of beriberi in the hands

At deficiency of vitamins A, E, C and D, your skin becomes very dry, on it there are cracks and flaking, accompanied by itching.Wounds and scratches are not a long time to heal and become inflamed.Often, the skin begins to peel on the fingers, causing a lot of anxiety and pain person suffering from beriberi.

often on the skin of hands wrinkles.It caused by a problem, especially vitamin E deficiency diseases, because it allows hands for a long time to maintain beauty and youth.Often, with a deficit of vitamins there are various problems with the nails: they become very brittle, weak, often exfoliate.Often the nail plate is uneven.In this case, it is recommended to use multivitamins and foods rich in vitamins such as C, E and A (vegetables, milk, fruit, bread, vegetable oils and nuts).All this helps your nails become healthy, strong and, of course, beautiful.

Avitaminosis on

lips Recognize and vitamin deficiency can be as lips.Thus, when the lack of vitamins, which belong to group B, reduced moisture and elasticity of the delicate skin of the lips.Also, there are small cracks in the corners of the lips, which can cause pain.If these get damaged any dangerous bacteria, such as Staphylococcus aureus, it can join the infection and can develop ugly poorly healing ulcers.

consequences of illness

Knowing that deficiency diseases develop when there is insufficient dietary intake of various vitamins, you should normalize your diet.It often strict diet, fasting provoke different disorders vitamin metabolism in the body.

It should also be borne in mind that vitamin deficiency contributes to the development of many serious diseases.For example, signs of vitamin deficiency of vitamin A in addition to skin dryness include also the development of so-called night blindness (night-blindness).This disease is characterized by decreased or total absence of night vision.

When vitamin deficiency of vitamin C can develop scurvy.For this disease is characterized by the following symptoms:

  • purpura;
  • fragility of vessels;
  • tooth loss;
  • bleeding gums;
  • hypochromic anemia;
  • decreased immunity;
  • pain in the limbs.

And if the body is not received vitamin PP, there is pellagra.This vitamin deficiency symptoms are as follows: photodermatosis, glossitis, weakness, dementia, insomnia, dermatitis, aggression, alopecia, ataxia, edema (thick subcutaneous edema), limb paralysis, dilated cardiomyopathy and diarrhea.

Symptoms child beriberi

Often, children suffer from vitamin deficiency.That is why caring parents must know how to manifest deficiency disease in children.So, the first sign of a lack of, may be to reduce the baby's activity, worsening of appetite and decreased immunity.If beriberi lasts long enough, it is quite possible backlog baby in the development and growth of their peers.

also with a deficit of vitamin D and calcium in a child may develop a disease called rickets.This pathology occurs in young children and infants.This disease can lead to serious problems with the musculoskeletal system in the future.Therefore, parents should ask a qualified pediatrician about what to do when the child vitamin deficiency and how to prevent it.Indeed, in this case, only prevention will prevent the emergence of serious problems.

So, vitamin deficiency manifests itself in different ways, affecting one or another region of the human body.Determine what it lacks substance, can only physician.Sometimes, by purpose and held a special analysis on the content of vitamins in the blood.In any case, attention to their own health will allow, if not prevent vitamin deficiency, at least in time to cure him.

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