How to overcome the spring beriberi yourself ?

Spring - the most romantic time to, since at this time, all awakened, exacerbating feelings, and, unfortunately, causing the spring vitamin deficiency, which is expressed in constant feeling of fatigue and weakness.Disease itself is expressed in the complete absence of the body of a vitamin, so now it practically does not occur.Now anyone, even the very limited cash a person available products capable of year-round to provide normal functioning of the body and prevent beriberi in the spring, so all the ailments appear only due to a lack of certain vitamins.

Why there is a vitamin deficiency spring

There are several reasons why vitamin deficiency spring appears, and the most important factor is that all fruits and vegetables, of which the person receives the bulk of the minerals, resulting in long-term storage in the spring lose a huge amount of its usefulsubstances.

In some cases, the body is not able to digest it received vitamins, wholly or partially, by the presence of any disease, which can in

clude, for example, diseases of the digestive system, the lack of enzymes dysbacteriosis or parasitic disease.Vitamin deficiency may occur in the spring and in the case of reception of medicines, as certain chemicals in their composition inhibit absorption and assimilation of essential vitamins.

spring avitaminosis exposed and people in need of nourishing diet, for example, athletes, women during the critical days, pregnant women, nursing mothers, and so on.

Signs of spring beriberi

Symptoms of the disease manifestations depend on the deficiency of the vitamin in the body there.For example, people may notice symptoms of beriberi on hand in the form of flaking and dryness of the skin, and it means a lack of vitamin A. In addition, the vision may deteriorate, blush and watery eyes, loss of appetite, increased general fatigue, and hair and nails become brittle.

If a person is experiencing a shortage of B vitamins, the early signs of spring nedomaganiya can be expressed in the occurrence of nausea and constipation.If you do not start timely treatment, then in the future may cause irritability, headaches, and memory impairment.The lack of vitamins in the body of this group of pregnant women can lead to slower fetal growth.

Vitamin deficiency in adolescents and children, expressed in the lack of vitamin B3 and pantothenic acid, is expressed in the delay of growth and a sharp increase in body weight.This may decrease blood pressure, and disturbed function of the nervous and respiratory systems.

At this time, people are not only irritable, some deteriorating mental activity and there is drowsiness, which can be very difficult to handle.All this is also a sign of spring and beriberi is characterized with lack of B6.

In the case of B12 deficiency may develop diarrhea and a variety of neurological syndromes.

The lack of vitamin C reduces the body's resistance to viral infections, the permeability of the vessel walls, bleeding gums and pain in the lower extremities.

Lack of nicotinic acid or vitamin PP leads to metabolic disorders and other functions of the endocrine system.

Almost the same characteristics apply to the definition of the disease in children.The main symptom of the disease is a deficiency disease in children on the hands and face, expressed in the appearance of not only the dryness and flaking, and irritation.Therefore, young patients need more attention than adults.In addition, it is very important for children to get the optimal amount of vitamin D and calcium, as their deficit provokes the development of diseases such as rickets.As

be prevented?

main and the only way to prevent beriberi in the spring - to use an increased amount of nutrients.Here, there are two ways, one of which provides for receiving special preparations, and the other - the consumption of foods rich in essential vitamins in this case.The latter case applies only when the body is healthy and is able to absorb completely received in his substance.In other cases, the need to help the doctor who will determine what minerals during the spring vitamin deficiency is necessary to use a specific person.

spring should pay special attention to certain foods, increasing their consumption.

  • Large amounts of vitamin A is found in liver, animal oil, and fruits and vegetables, yellow and red.
  • Dairy products, grains and peas are rich in vitamin B 1 .
  • Milk and dairy products, meat, offal, buckwheat and oatmeal, and legumes can help compensate for a deficiency of vitamin B2.
  • fish, chicken and beef, beans, nuts, and vegetables such as potatoes and sweet pepper cope with a lack of vitamin B6.
  • Deficiency of vitamin B12 can be recharged from oily fish, meat and offal.
  • Large amounts of vitamin C is in the black currants, rose hips, sea buckthorn, citrus, green onion, green peas and apples.Another vegetables rich in this substance, is, oddly enough, the potato.
  • Conduct prevention of beriberi in children and to fill vitamin D deficiency will help the eggs, cod liver oil, fatty fish, and butter.
  • support the endocrine system and to fully supply the body of nicotinic acid, you can use dairy products, fish, meat and yeast.

method, when the spring beriberi prevention carried out by means of vitamin preparations, suited only to those people, the body which, for whatever reasons, can not absorb vitamins from food.Despite the huge variety of products sold in the pharmacy, they should not be taken on their own, as they all have side effects.In this case, you must consult your doctor, who will advise what to take with vitamin deficiency, and in what doses.Self-medication can be dangerous and cause damage no less than the lack of minerals.

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