What you need to determine lactate ?

Modern science offers plenty of opportunities for accurate diagnosis.Often in various pathological conditions doctor recommends for tests which help to confirm or deny the presence of the disease.

One of these ways is to test for lactate dehydrogenase, the result of which could tell a lot experienced.

Lactate dehydrogenase enzyme refers to substances that are involved in the process of glycolysis.

It promotes the disintegration of lactic acid to pyruvic with the release of energy in the absence of oxygen and completes the link of this redox reaction.

In humans, it is contained in the blood and some tissues.Its content and the activity related to informative tests, especially important in acute conditions requiring immediate treatment.

LDH Normal blood

LDH analysis results depends not only on the presence of a pathological condition and age of the patient.In children it is somewhat higher, but with age there is a tendency to reduce it.

So, just born babies, it is no more than 28.9 mkkat / l.Childr

en under three years of age - to 14.2 mkkat / l, up to 12 years to 12.7 (boys), and up to 9, 67 (in girls).

An adult male norm in blood DLG is 11.4, and for women - up to 7.27 mkkat / l.

reasons for increased rates

Lactate increased happens in the body during pathological processes, which are accompanied by the death and decay of cells.High levels of this enzyme are an indicator of tissue decay.

certain increase in lactate dehydrogenase may occur during physical exertion, in newborns and women in the period of gestation.

Clinically isolated diseases accompanied by an increase in the substance:

  • all types of hepatitis;
  • cirrhotic liver disease;
  • acute leukemia;
  • muscular dystrophy;
  • jaundice mechanical origin;
  • infarction, chronic karidalnaya failure, inflammation of the heart muscle;
  • traumatic injuries in violation of the integrity of the muscle tissue;
  • kidney disease (pyelonephritis, glomerulonephritis, renal infarction, chronic renal failure);
  • acute pancreatitis;
  • oncopathology;
  • burn disease, shock expressed by hypoxic condition;
  • megaloblastic and hemolytic anemia.

Provoke laktatdegidogenazy can increase long-term use of NSAIDs, anesthetics and caffeine.

Lactate increased the child is usually at an early age, and then, as they grow older, it starts to decline.

There are five species of this enzyme.LDH-1 and 2 are in the blood and heart muscle cells, LDH-3 can be detected in lung LDH-4 - in the kidney, placenta, pancreas, and 5 is detected in hepatocytes and skeletal muscle.

detection of one of the isoenzymes helps to reliably determine which organ or system undergoes destructive process.

Lactate dehydrogenase in various diseases

Myocardial infarction is accompanied by an increase of LDH in the first few days from the beginning of development, and its level increases 15 times, coming to normal only after two weeks.

diagnostic value of this indicator increased in the case of atypical clinical presentation of the disease, as well as the differential diagnosis of myocardial infarction and other acute conditions, accompanied by chest pain.

Earlier this pathology to determine metrics used and AST kreatinkenazy.In modern laboratories determined by the level of troponin as a more sensitive marker, but the relevance of the definition of LDH as an additional indicator is stored.

When hepatitis with parenchymal liver LDH increase occurs in the early days when the development of jaundice.Her figures are directly proportional to the severity of the disease.At medium and light during the performance quickly come to a normal level.

With the destruction of muscle tissue during various inflammatory processes, expressed trauma, atrophic processes, disorders of metabolism and endocrine diseases as a result LDH starts to rise.

If muscle pathology is neurogenic in nature, the level of the enzyme is maintained at a normal level.


LDH LDH, lactate dehydrogenase is usually reduced in the event that there are genetic disorders associated with its products.Some decrease in performance occurs by ingestion of ascorbic acid.

Normally DLG decrease is observed in the effective treatment of tumors, hemolytic anemia, or leukemia.Inhibition of the enzyme occurs in the presence of oxalate and urea.

Why determine LDH

Blood Lactate is a necessary parameter in case you need:

  1. an overall diagnosis of acute or chronic tissue destruction process.
  2. determined by identifying the diagnosis of diseases associated with acute pain in the chest area.
  3. certain diseases that result in the disintegration of red blood cells is noted.
  4. Check for cancer pathology during her treatment.
  5. determine the type of anemia.
  6. The examination and treatment of patients with impaired renal or hepatic function.
  7. When traumatic or other lesions of the muscle tissue.

How to take

analysis In order to get the correct result, you must follow certain rules at the time of this analysis:

  • better to do it in the morning and on an empty stomach;
  • should not be taken on the eve of some drugs (vitamin C, aspirin, miramistin);
  • can not drink alcoholic beverages;
  • before delivery should limit physical activity;
  • should also refrain from smoking for a half hour before delivery of the analysis;
  • the outcome may affect hemodialysis, or the presence of thrombocytosis.

At the moment, there are two basic ways to determine lactate in the blood - spectrometric and photometers.

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