Ways to strengthen the immunity available to everyone - take care of your health !

Winter.Cold season, the time when they begin to spread colds.To protect yourself and not get sick, everyone is trying to strengthen the immune system and to take preventive measures.

Take care of your immunity and get rid of the bad influence of the environment, before they lead to serious consequences.Let's look at 3 whale that hold strong immunity:

  1. Proper nutrition Physical exercise
  2. Good mood

Proper nutrition - the foundation of strong immunity

right to eat is very important, especially if we live in such a furious pace as now.Breakfasts in haste, the wrong lunch (fast food, pizza) and a light dinner in the form of lettuce or fruit.Of course, with such a diet your body does not get the desired range of important vitamins, minerals and components.Consequently the immune system is weakened, and it does not function at full capacity.Follow the right diet, choose a healthy diet should each.

diet should be varied.The basis of it should be meat, black bread, seafood, fruits and vegetables,

cereals, dairy products, greens.During the cold period is very important role as the vitamins C, vitamins of group B, A, D, E, PP, trace elements like iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, copper, zinc and others.Vitamin C helps strengthen the immune system, its a good source of kiwi, oranges, lemon, onions, cabbage and garlic.Also, the immune system is necessary, beta-carotene, which can be found in carrots, persimmon, pumpkin.

Pumpkin is very useful.It is full of fiber, easily digested, low-calorie and useful vegetable for people with problems of the gastrointestinal tract.And also eat bananas.They are rich in potassium.In 2 bananas contains daily rate of the desired mineral us.But do not lean on them heavily - bananas calories, contain refined carbohydrates, which at low exertion easily converted into fat, and this extra weight.

To improve immunity at your desk should have a place and dried fruits like raisins, dried apricots, prunes, figs, etc.They contain iron, multivitamins and other important trace elements.

not give up fatty fish, we all know from childhood benefit of fish oil.Also, meat, liver, legumes are a source of iron and protein.

Do not avoid eating fat, especially those contained in the milk in butter, legumes and nuts.Useful us carbohydrates can be found in fruits such as grapes, bananas ... The pastries are many refined carbohydrates that cause unwanted kilograms.My favorite cake can be replaced with dried fruits, no less tasty and very useful.

Proper diet is moderate and well-formed diet.Eat every 4 - 5 hours in small portions.There is a stereotype that is not to after 6.One can argue with this opinion, because there are people who go no earlier than 12 o'clock at night.It is recommended to eat 4 hours before bedtime.

an equally important part of your diet should take dairy products.Very useful in the morning there is cheese, milk porridge, kefir, yogurt, milk ...

Dinner is not necessary to replace the light salads or fruit.It would be better if the food will be the basis of proteins.Fish, lean chicken (breast) or rice.It is very important for the body to obtain the necessary liquid.It is best to water, but also the benefits of tea is undeniable, especially green.But at night it is not necessary to take a lot of liquid, so that in the morning it will affect your face will appear edema.

Pay attention to your weight.If you are overweight, you first consult your doctor.The specialist will choose the best for your body diet.It is also necessary to adjust the weight of failure, excessive thinness can also adversely affect the body.

physical training - ensure good immunity!

Physical activity is very important.It promotes the metabolism, the body is saturated with oxygen, pulled muscles, regulated weight, improves the cardiovascular system, and most importantly the mood rises.

Sportpartner undoubtedly helps to keep your body in good shape.Of course, not everyone can afford to visit a fitness center or bore to engage in the gym, but walk a couple of stops on foot or take a walk around the house does not require much of your time and money.

Housewives can easily fill in the required load by doing cleaning chores.Can music under vacuum or cook dinner, wash the dishes ... dancing you discard extra kilos and perform daily tasks.

also helps adoption of a contrast shower.Such souls dilates blood vessels, breaks down subcutaneous fat and prevents the appearance of cellulite, and it is recommended for varicose veins.In general, when playing sports body secretes enzymes such as endorphins - the hormones of happiness.You'll be less prone to stress, as we talk right now ...

good mood to help immunity

daily routine work, poor environment, psychological stress leads to stress.They have a very negative effect on your body and how you would not have tried to strengthen their immunity, while negative emotions resistant protective immunity is weakened.So after a hard day, try to relax.

Turn on quiet music, take a bath with some oil, light scented candles.You can do meditation, yoga.Ask someone to make a relaxing massage.For example, if you have a bad mood, do not watch the news or a program where there is negative information.

You can play with your child or your favorite pet, read something inspiring ... actually do something distracting.Pay more attention to sleep.Lack of sleep also leads to irritability and stress.Norm 8:00 try to follow.

Walking in the fresh air also help to move away from bad influences.It is very important if you have the opportunity to help someone.Man gets incredible satisfaction when he feels that brought joy to children - orphans or help a lonely person, etc.

course not always possible to comply with all the above, but still make the simple steps to strengthen immunity, investigative health can and should be.Especially in this cold season like winter, and remember that only in a healthy body, healthy mind.

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