How to treat vulvitis ?

Vulvitis - is an inflammatory process, localized in the area of ​​the external female genitals.If developing vulvitis - may require treatment and only limited by disease area, and common process, which involved the internal sexual organs, most often - the vagina.

is enough to vulvitis often found in the child, the disease most prone to girls under 10 years old - one of the causes of this disease can be considered a low protective capacity of the vagina.Often, for the same reason, age-induced decline in the level of sex hormones, there vulvitis in older women.

Effective treatment of vulvitis

Vulvitis can be primary, emerging as a distinct disease, or secondary - the disease develops on the background of other problems of the female reproductive organs.Primary vulvitis may occur due to poor personal hygiene or disturbances in the body, one of the common causes - diabetes.

vulvity also differ on the nature of origin: infectious or non-infectious.And another classification - on the flow of the dise

ase, acute or chronic.If diagnosed vulvitis -treatment must be assigned only after the establishment of the causes of this disease.If vulvitis is secondary, it makes sense to identify the primary disease and have his treatment.

vulvitis Treatment of women is based on the removal of inflammation.As disinfectants used decoctions of herbs and special preparations for the treatment of vulvitis, which include a variety of ointments, powders and creams.

If the inflammation is associated with inflammatory processes of the vagina, are also used candles from vulvitis.For the treatment of vaginal infections can be used irrigation and drugs with systemic action - they are taken inside.

vulva in girls may require specific treatment, because excessively rough handling or the use of local resources may lead to the destruction of the hymen, even in patients early years and even months of life.One of the causes of the disease - a violation of hygiene, in particular, improper care for the sexual organs of the child.Vulvitis may develop in the early years of a child's life due to improper or untimely caving and using means which are not suitable for a child's health.

Provoke the disease can hit feces into the vagina and external genitalia of the child, the chances of inflammation are increased in the case if the child has worms, because the pinworms (larvae of worms) have the ability to move through the skinand mucous and can creep into the area of ​​the labia and the vagina.In this case, in addition to local treatment of vulvitis, you must remove the cause - to review the techniques of hygiene and make an appointment anthelmintic allowed on age criteria.

Folk remedies to combat disease

to treat vulvitis time immemorial herbal teas and juices are used herbs medicinal herbs, and this treatment has proved to be only on the positive side and earned positive reviews from doctors of traditional medicine.Many factory treatments for vulvitis include in its membership chamomile extract, prepare a decoction of this plant can be their own.

Chamomile is widely used in medicine due to its antiseptic properties.Infuse dried herbs chamomile should be the rate - one tablespoon (20 grams) of dry mixture in a glass of water, leave for 30 minutes, rinse apply for external genital and douching.Also, from the resulting infusion can make lotions imposed for 2-3 hours.

If diagnosed vulva, home treatment may be carried out through the collection of equal parts of the mother-and-stepmother, sweet clover and wintergreen.The mixture of herbs pour water on the basis of: a glass of liquid to three teaspoons of herbs (ready-collection), bring to a boil and leave on low heat for 10-15 minutes.The solution was cooled to room temperature and used for rinsing or irrigation.

Treating Candida vulvitis may also be carried out with the use of folk remedies.Effective rinsing decoction viburnum and St. John's wort.In addition, it can be taken orally fresh nettle juice, one teaspoon three times a day before meals - this preparation contains a lot of vitamins, has anti-inflammatory and antipruritic effect.Antibacterial lotion can be made from fresh juice lungwort.

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