The main symptoms and causes of vulvitis a child

What is vulvitis?Vulvitis - is inflammation of the external genitalia (labia and clitoris).Many people mistakenly believe that vulvitis - it is a problem of adult women.

Actually vulvitis a child is much more common.The emergence of vulvitis in newborns due to the anatomical features of the girls: outer labia girls are more open, thin-skinned thin mucous does not yet contain lactobacilli and the level of pH in the vagina above.

Result - weak protective functions of the vagina.
There are 2 types of vulvitis in a child:

  • vulvitis primary or non-infectious, it often affects children mainly due to anatomical and physiological characteristics, such as allergic vulvitis in children;
  • secondary vulvitis (infection) is associated with an infectious inflammation of internal genital organs.

reasons vulvitis in children

most common cause of primary children vulvitis is the failure of the unit clean.Vaginal mucosa may be irritated by prolonged contact with dirt or remnants of feces.

Using creams, powders, soaps, bubble baths containing artificial dyes and fragrances, cleaning agents with bio-additives situation seriously deteriorates and is a predisposing factor for the occurrence of allergic vulvitis in children.In other words, lack of hygiene and excessive.Typically, vulvitis neonatal associated with diaper dermatitis.

Causes of non-infectious vulvitis children besides physiological factors and poor personal hygiene, are endocrine diseases, worm infestations, vitamin imbalance, repeated respiratory infections, sore throats, irrational use of antibiotics.In general, everything that leads to reduction of immunity.

The main reason for the development of secondary (infection) vulvitis a child often becomes conditionally pathogenic microflora, which under unfavorable circumstances (for example, weakening of immunity) becomes pathogenic (Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Enterococcus, Streptococcus and others.) And manifested by various diseasesurinary tract, intestinal dysbiosis.But infectious inflammation may also be caused by hitting foreign objects into the vagina.Very often, young children put their fingers or small objects, learning, thus, the structure of the body, which is the cause of the redness and the presence of secretions from the external genitalia.

Signs and symptoms of the disease

vulvitis symptoms in children can be very different, depending on its cause.It is part of the vulva in a child is accompanied by discomfort of the external genitalia, there is a burning sensation, itching, and pain when walking, and urination may increase in the inguinal lymph nodes.Sometimes there

selection of different colors and odor.When E. coli vaginal lesions appear allocation yellow-green in color with an unpleasant odor;staphylococcal infection is accompanied by a thick yellow-white secretions;with candidiasis appear white bloom.

copious with a pungent odor and bloody appear in contact with a foreign object in the vagina.In severe cases, ulcers and erosions may be formed at untimely treatment of the mucous membranes.

Thus, pathological changes in the tissues accompanied by adhesive process that leads to a coalescing of the labia minora (adhesions).Often children vulvitis is caused by pinworms and appears very sharply - the child wakes in the night complaining of pain, severe itching, burning, external genital organs, teeth, squeaking in his sleep, etc.

Treatment vulvitis

How to cure vulva.?children vulvitis Treatment should not be delayed in order to avoid the chronic form.Visual inspection of pediatric gynecologist based on the results of bacteriological analyzes of swabs and bacterioscopic diagnose and prescribe appropriate treatment.

More often in primary children's vulvitis gynecologist appointed baths with a decoction of herbs that will have disinfectant and anti-inflammatory effect.It is acceptable treatment of vulvitis ointment, cream or powder of such action.

In secondary vulvitis treatment will be to eliminate a specific pathogen - the cause.In this case, we use antibiotics, antifungal and antimicrobial drugs.

In allergic vulvitis in children appointed antihistamines, as well as the recommended diet, which excludes food allergens from the diet.During treatment should abandon the salty, spicy and starchy foods, but fruits, vegetables, and in particular, milk products will have a positive impact on the body as a whole.

Upon detection of foreign bodies in the vagina can be made Vaginoscopy (vaginal examination using Vaginoscopy).If the cause of vulvitis worms were appointed anthelmintic drugs.By reducing the immunity recommended intake of vitamins and immunostimulants.

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