Treatment vulvitis in girls the most effective methods

Many parents are faced with genital diseases in children-girls.Vulvitis a child - is another reason for visiting the permanent gynecologist.

disease often manifests itself at an early age, depending on the anatomical and physiological characteristics of this period.The disease begins vulvitis in girls when bacteria break down glycogen in the vaginal epithelium and begins the formation of lactic acid.

From this environment becomes acidic.Since the labia in girls disclosed more than that of an adult female, they are vulnerable to the action of pathogenic bacteria and fungi.It can cause inflammation of the labia majora.

Symptoms of vulvitis - an inflammation of the pubis, labia, clitoris and vagina.In addition, the display constant itching and discomfort.There may be selection, or even an increase in temperature.Symptoms vary in intensity.


disease Treatment vulvitis in girls can take place at home, it often leads to a recovery in the short term.Parents need to teach from an early age gi

rl hygiene.If there is no improvement, then the need to consult a doctor.

How to treat vulvitis in girls, says pediatric gynecologist.But first, he will find out the cause of infection, and then prescribe a course of treatment.Treatment reduces inflammation, kills fungi.At the same time comply with the relevant hygiene conditions.

In the event of the disease is carried out local treatment of genital organs.

  • lotions and compresses with infusion of eucalyptus.
  • Baths with herbal extracts (series, calendula and chamomile) or manganese.
  • Washing external genitals with antiseptic solutions.

If itching is too strong, then appointed sleeping pills.On the night of the vestibule is lubricated with ointment, which has anesthetic effect.Ointment for vulvitis can be very effective.

In some cases, hydrocortisone ointment applied.Podsushivayuschee means can be used, antibacterial and barrier creams.

vulvitis caused by allergic reactions are treated with antihistamines drugs.Assigned to a special diet, which excluded salty, spicy and sweet food.

Acute vulvitis in girls is characterized by burning and itching in the genital area.Sensitivity may occur when urinating and walking.Acute flow can cause severe redness of the vulva and skin, changes in the structure on the surface of the genital organs and a strong swelling of the clitoris.

Acute vulvitis can cause increased excitability of the nervous girls and lead to sleep disturbances.Girls are prescribed bed rest.If time does not begin treatment, acute course can develop into a chronic and occur with serious complications.

First Cause pathology

Causes of this disease happen most diverse.

  1. Pelёnochny dermatitis.Delicate skin can easily inflamed when in contact with the diapers.If time does not change the girl, the ammonia can cause severe irritation.
  2. infectious inflammation.Can start against foreign objects into the vagina.This leads to the selection.Care should be taken for a small child, so that he did not touch the genitals.
  3. hygiene Failure.Older girls may be clean enough.This applies not only to the lack of hygiene, but also to excess.The surface of the mucous membrane of the genital organs can become inflamed from contact with the remnants of feces or mud.
  4. use of household chemicals.Soap, bubble bath and washing powders may aggravate the situation and cause allergic vulvitis.
  5. Chronic disorders of the endocrine system or acquired allergic diseases.

From birth genitals are washed from the top, gently parting the lips of the vagina washing and wiping dry.Prevention vulvitis includes permanent hygiene.Especially if girls already available menstrual cycle.

treatment should be timely in any age group.If the disease is not cured completely, it can be repeated periodically.This can further lead to serious gynecological problems and even infertility.

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