Symptoms of vaginitis , and a brief description of the disease

Symptoms of vaginitis, characteristic of the disease, predisposing factors and implement.

Under vaginitis is meant an inflammatory disease of the vaginal mucosa, which is an acute and chronic nature of the flow.The disease is triggered by various factors, among which the most important is infection.

Symptoms of vaginitis when this etiology occur after improper personal hygiene or the presence of complicating disorders of hormonal regulation.They should classify ovarian hypofunction, diabetes, disease or syndrome, Cushing's.

etiological feature

There is a special form of the disease - a fungal vaginitis.It manifests itself as a result of violation of the ratio of the normal vaginal microflora and opportunistic fungi.

some of their number is always present in the vagina, and therefore can cause inflammation in violation of immunity.Candidiasis defeat manifested by the presence of whitish coating on the mucous membrane, which separates freely.The patient in this case feels a constant humidity i

n the crotch, feel itching in the vagina.

Symptoms of this disease include external signs, for example, discharge from the genital slit.This is characterized by a purulent vaginitis caused by pyogenic bacteria.These include neisserial, staphylococci, streptococci.Secretions in disease etiology of this are the slim, have a mucous consistency, yellowish-green color.

This suggests the need to use antibiotics and topical agents for the treatment.Infection of non-compliance can be observed in sexual health, as well as by contact with infected with gonorrhea.

Thus the symptoms of gonorrhea in women is very mild, but because the causative agent remains in the genital tract, and a woman can infect your sexual partner.And for such diseases as vaginitis Neisser reasons for the defeat lies in promiscuity.
etiological also produce allergic appearance.

It manifests after allergen contact, including locally.The systemic nature of the disease indicates the presence of an immune component in its pathogenesis.Because, if there has been a hit of an antigen into the body, it meets the system reaction consisting of conjunctivitis, skin manifestations, and anaphylactic reactions.If

antigen acts locally (in the vagina it can be hygiene products), there arises the allergic vaginitis.Its symptoms is complex: a burning sensation in the vagina, manifested unbearable itching, redness of the vaginal walls, the feeling of moisture.There can also be noted a correlation with the onset of symptoms of certain detergents.

vaginitis during pregnancy can be caused by various etiological reasons.It is difficult to identify them, although the symptoms may be similar to an allergic etiology.At the same time quietly clear correlation with the use of feminine hygiene products.Vaginitis in pregnancy can be candidiasis, bacterial and protozoan, which indicates extreme heterogeneity of the pathology.

Trichomonas vaginitis: differential diagnosis

Infection Trichomonas included in the list of sexually transmitted diseases.This means that they have a similar epidemiology of diseases such as gonorrhea and syphilis.Candidal vaginitis in this respect is very different, and as the symptoms, and the lesion site.

When chlamydia affected cervical epithelium, whereas fungal infestation body and vestibule, as this disease etiology transmitted by sexual contact, and place infekta primary application is just the neck.

Chlamydial vaginitis is characterized by pain, which distinguishes it from burning in other diseases.Vaginitis purulent manifest aching and the slim secretions, mainly in the morning and evening.Chlamydial infection appears mucous secretions colorless, odorless.

Senile vaginitis and hormonal disorders

In connection with the onset of menopause, there is the development of senile disease.This is due to hypofunction of ovarian hormone deficiency and which stimulate the vaginal epithelium to proliferate and restore its integrity.In rare cases, for this reason, it is developing a mixed vaginitis, when mucosal atrophy connected infectious or allergic factor.

Postmenopausal atrophic vaginitis is characterized by constant burning sensation in the vaginal cavity of the body that is difficult to treat and easily shatters pathological microflora.

sagging of the vaginal walls and the lack of elastic tone of the labia minora leads to the discovery of the genital slit, which allows bacteria and fungi to penetrate the genital tract.

Such conditions are optimal to develop chronic vaginitis characterized by remission and exacerbation.That is, in this case the disease occurs cyclically, from acute to exacerbate.

Diagnosis of diseases by symptoms

vaginitis symptoms are slightly different for different diseases, but a key aspect of their differentiation is a pain syndrome.Secretions are often unrepresentative, since contamination, contamination often observed in different classes of pathogens.

Symptoms are non-specific vaginitis: an acute pain and discomfort during sexual intercourse, a burning sensation in the perineum and vagina, itching of the skin in the perineum, allocation of mucous character with a different flavor and color.

Data features characterized vaginitis during pregnancy, as its clinical picture is more diverse.

purulent symptoms include: acute pain during sexual intercourse, aching pain at rest, small in terms of mucus yellowish or greenish in color with an unpleasant odor cloying.

Candida manifests a burning sensation and discomfort with no apparent pain during intercourse, and copious watery discharge, have a sour smell.They are colorless and have mucous consistency.In the genital slit can be noticed whitish coating easily detachable from the walls of the vestibule.

Senile characterized by different symptoms, especially in the case of connecting the various classes of infections.Because the only sign of having importance in this case is the age over 50 years.The disease is called postmenopausal atrophic vaginitis.For this reason, chronic vaginitis may develop, leading to the development of facultative precancerous conditions.

causes and manifestations of the disease in girls

In girls, the disease can develop in the wrong conduct hygiene.This disease can develop in the neonatal period.She should remember that the girls should wash the perineum from front to back to colonization by bacteria release their rectum were not able to get into the sex gap.

girls vaginitis is characterized by morphological changes in the vestibule, and the following symptoms: itching in the perineum, the discharge from the genital slit, discomfort when wearing underwear.

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