Indications and main features of the kinesitherapy at home

Kinesitherapy is a synthesis of various types of physical therapy.The basis of this treatment are the various movements and complex method of treatment.Today is gaining more and more popularity physiotherapy at home.This method is recognized in all countries of the world, it was developed by Dr. SMBubnovsky.


Kinesitherapy is a real science.To achieve the desired effect can only be a responsible approach to the modern practice of treatment.

dosage of exercise therapy, passive and active forms of therapy are strictly required.

active agent LFK experts say:

  1. Postretsiproknuyu muscle relaxation.
  2. post isometric relaxation of muscle.
  3. preprandial muscle relaxation.
  4. Water exercises.
  5. exercises at the gym.
  6. therapeutic exercises.

Passive gymnastics facilities should include acupressure, medical massage and shiatsu.

main advantage kinesitherapy should be considered that the exercise may be relevant, and in the home.

Who needs it?

Kinesitherapy at home is indicated for the treatment of:

  • polyarthritis;
  • arthritis;
  • arthrosis;
  • ankylosing spondylitis;
  • kyphosis;
  • osteochondrosis.

This method is relevant if hernias.Very useful for physiotherapy at home in the presence of pain in the back and spine.

What is the essence of the method

physiotherapy Based on the implementation of the ideal from the point of view of biomechanics of motor acts.The basic principle - of gradual and orderly.The doctor makes an individual program and directs the movement of the ward.The patient does all the work himself exclusively.Lever for movement is an act of volition.

important to understand that physiotherapy at home can be carried out only when the patient is clearly learns technique in a hospital.The load should not be too big.The complication occurs over time.

spectrum of patient movement is expanding against a background of increasing its capacity.With the passage of time a person can feel that painful syndrome retreats.Against this background, it can be treated with desire.

success of therapy depends on the patient's positive attitude.

According to Dr. Bubnovskogo move is necessary, through the pain.Strain need only painful muscles and joints.Thus, a person is able to defeat the disease.

How to move?

the desired effect can only be obtained if the patient will move correctly.The load should be adequate, and the exercise should be as complicate recovery.

four basic principles

therapy can be arranged through:

  1. Gymnastics for joints.
  2. exposure to cold.
  3. Impact bath.
  4. breathing exercises.
  5. compliance regimes fluid intake.

correctly perform the exercises at home contribute to the resumption of adequate coordination between the nerves of the peripheral and central systems.This is necessary to the elasticity of muscles and ligaments were restored.The impact of "heat and cold" it is necessary to capillary blood flow in the tissues has been renewed.

Athletes interesting

Most athletes are produced by one scheme.After sports and physical skills were brought to automaticity, tendons and muscles of athletes suffer from overload.

For this reason, a person associated with the world of professional sports, often suffers from micro traumas received.Often athletes get breaks in training and stretching the tendons.Often this background, a person develops an inflammatory process.Over time, a person develop joint and spinal anomalies.Therefore, the method C Bubnovskogo relevant for professional and amateur athletes.

People involved in boxing, special attention should be paid to the training of the shoulder muscles, Rotary.

Only in this case the risk to injure hand or get a particular disease is minimized.

Kinesiotherapy as a method of prevention

Strength training, regardless of the degree of its intensity, is an excellent preventive method.With the help of exercise a person has the ability to get rid of the risk of articular and spinal diseases.

Doctors who specialize in kinesitherapy, it is believed that the complex physical exercise should be complemented by exercises related to the weights.Only in this way a person engaged in sport, has the opportunity to develop in a balanced muscle.


Kinesitherapy at home is nothing difficult for a person with the necessary equipment.

is important to remember that the effect can be achieved only as a result of strict adherence to all the rules of procedure.It is equally important to constantly be under the constant supervision of doctors.If it involves a concomitant disease, the patient is obliged to adhere to the assigned diet doctor.

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