Unique operation on transplantation of the small intestine is made in Russia

the imminent return home dreaming Alex Gadko patient Sklifosovsky Institute, which now will remain forever in the history of Russian medical institutions and medical science.He was the first patient in Russia, which has successfully withstood the transplantation of the small intestine.

Almost a year Alex lived in a hospital room, where time seems stopped.Initially expected appearance of the donor, and then watched as a foreign body gets accustomed to the human body.The operation was carried out at the Institute Sklifosovsky in the late winter of this year.It lasted 9 hours.And then were months of recovery under the supervision of dozens of doctors, who fought for the return of Alexei to normal life.

And only now, in June, doctors confidently said: donor bowel fragment is not rejected by the patient's body, which feels great and is preparing to be discharged from the hospital.Now he can walk independently, and most importantly - eat.But until now, Alex is still hard to believe that all experience

s behind.

Operating intervention of this kind in the world are sporadic.Not only is the change of the body is very complex, but it suffers from the immune system.Moreover, it occurs more strongly than in transplantation, for example, the kidneys.About 90% of patients with this kind of life takes them over the next few postoperative days.The problem lies in the fact that microflora transplanted organ has more infectious potential, much greater than in any other location of the body.Receiving donor intestinal fragment, patient risk doubles.To save the life of the patient, the doctors prescribed him a strong medicine.At the same time you want to keep the balance, because the body has the ability to preserve the independent struggle.

Native Alexei Gadko aware of the sad statistics, but the belief in luck and hope for a miracle they did not leave.Now Alex is preparing for discharge, looking forward to returning to his home in Krasnodar.Of course, he will have to observe a strict diet, but after all of the experience that seems inconsequential.

Experts Institute.Sklifosovsky hope that soon the time will come when doctors learn to grow pieces of the small intestine of the patient's own cellular material.Then when they are no longer transplant a lot of problems.Risks that exist now, in the further development of cellular technologies can be completely eliminated.

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