The French introduced the world's first heart biomechanical

French scientists from the company Carmat presented his new creation: the world's first biomechanical heart.This cyber-human heart, created using both synthetic and biological materials.

new "French Heart" is radically different from their older counterparts.It has software and special sensors, fully simulate the work of the human body.According to the developers, the heart-cyborg can help millions of people in need of transplants.

As you know, get a donor heart is very heavy.Patients idle long queues in order to achieve operation.Not all of them survive until a donor organ.At the moment, the West is allowed to use only one heart, a product of the American company SynCardia Systems.It's pretty heavy duty vehicles (6. 1 kg).In addition, it needs additional devices to be placed in a separate bag container.Implantable this equipment allowed is not for everyone.Only in rare and utterly hopeless cases, doctors give the go-ahead for its use.Thousands of patients with heart failure (in America alon

e their more than 5 million) have to wait for a donor organ.

Attempts to replace the human heart to complete the robot began decades ago.In essence, the heart - only pump pumping blood into the body.Why, in this age have not yet been able to recreate such a pump?The reason lies in the phenomenal performance of the human body.It can be reduced for the year of 35 million times in the human body.No technical equipment can not compete with the power of our heart.

French artificial heart can not be a full replacement, but at the moment it is recognized as the most advanced device of its kind.In late May, scientists have already obtained permission for its implantation, the operation will take place at 4 clinics in Europe and the first in the Middle East.If all goes well, soon Karmat device will disperse all over the world.

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