How and when to apply folk remedies for kidney stones ?

Kidney stones are formed due to the development of kidney stones disease, which is known to exhibit a large number of reasons, but most often it is heredity, lack of intake of fluids or too much of her loss, urinary infection channels.Delays in treatment can provoke serious complications.But in such a situation can help folk remedies for kidney stones.

This is important! Stones can clog the urinary channel, urinary diversion to break out of the body, causing kidney failure.Therefore, even with the slightest signs of disease, such as acute kidney pain in the area, groin or abdomen to the lower, the appearance of blood in the urine, a burning sensation during urination urgently required to visit a specialist.

To counter the development of the disease there are many ways of treatment - drug therapy, crumbling with ultrasound, surgery, and national treatment of kidney stones.

In popular recipes and, in particular, when used herbs from kidney stones, there are many advantages, such as efficiency, simplici

ty and painless. important to remember that implementing national recipes, the effect appears very quickly and the recovery will come gradually. Sometimes doctors prescribe this therapy as adjuvant therapy to conduct the treatment in a hospital.

Causes of kidney stones

Kidney stones begin to form in the development of kidney stone disease - destruction of the urinary system.The main reasons for the emergence of rock and sand are the following:

  1. Malnutrition, which is composed of harmful dyes and GMO.
  2. lack of diet, excessive intake of salty, spicy and acidic foods and dishes.
  3. predominance in the diet of fried food.
  4. genetic predisposition.
  5. Prolonged use of certain medications.

Herbal recipes of treating kidney stone disease

treatment of stones in the kidney herbs often organized with the following components:

  • Sorrel - used as wild and garden views.Will need to take the root of the plant and crushed it, then add the wine and gruel to insist.Accepted infusion regularly, it makes it easy to split the stones and remove them from the body.
  • Nigella sown - it is preparing a decoction of which before use is mixed with honey.
  • Melon and watermelon - great help in the treatment of kidney stones, especially convenient to carry out such treatment in the summer.
  • Stigmas of corn - need two teaspoons of plants, which are filled with 200 ml of boiling water.The patient must take the broth in small sips every three hours.More effective, this method becomes, while the use of a decoction of the stem turnip roots and cocklebur.Need to brew in boiling water for five tablespoons of the mixture of these plants and eat three times a day for 150 ml.

This is important! in strict compliance with prescriptions and dosages over time people will feel a marked improvement of health status.

Treatment decoctions of medicinal plants

decoction prepared from the peel of potatoes, without pain and with success allows to destroy kidney stones.To prepare the necessary two handfuls of skin cover with water and cook until tender.The broth is indicated for the reception twice per day for one glass.

will help get rid of kidney stone disease and sunflowers, and more specifically, its roots. They are washed and pour boiling water.Then, the resulting mixture should boil at low heat for no more than five minutes.The broth must be cool, strain and drink throughout the day.The roots can be brewed three times, and then replace them with fresh ones.At the same time, together with the urine out of the body begins to stand out and sand.

If used wild rose root of kidney stones, the stones of different composition are gradually beginning to crumble. To prepare a decoction of the roots is required to thoroughly wash, cut into small pieces and cover with cold water.Next, you need to cook a very rich broth and drink it before meals in a volume of 50 ml.It is best to collect the roots of wild rose in the flowering period, when their healing capabilities biggest.

Treatment of kidney stone disease juices

to break up kidney stones need on a daily basis, use fresh juice from a lemon, diluted with hot water.On one portion need to take a lemon and 1 100 ml of boiling water.In addition, throughout the day should be consumed 100 ml of the following juices - carrot, cucumber, beetroot and apple.As a rule, after six weeks of such treatment begin to dissolve even large stones.

black radish juice also helps dissolve kidney stones.It will need to mix in equal parts juice and honey root.The resulting mixture should be taken one teaspoon three times a day, for forty minutes before a meal.

This is important! No less an effective treatment for diseases considered to tansy juice.To prepare required only inflorescence plants.50 drops of juice is mixed with milk or with honey and take three times a day.

teas that help get rid of the disease

For the destruction of small stones is recommended to drink "hibiscus" tea, which is brewed five times per day.Furthermore, it cleanses the blood vessels and cholesterol, strengthening them and adjusting the permeability of the wall.

also helps to get rid of kidney stones following recipe of tea - in a glass of boiled water immediately before use is necessary to dissolve crushed to a powder consistency peel apples.Tea should be drunk after half an hour after a meal, and a course of treatment is not less than 4 months.

Millet, as a means of removing stones

Ordinary millet can be considered affordable and very effective treatment for kidney stone disease.It allows you to calm the inflammation, get rid of clots in channels, dissolve the stones and bring the sand from the kidneys.Millet also has many other useful features.

most common recipe for the removal of stones with the help of millet is considered to be the following:

  1. One glass washed millet grits poured into a 3-liter jar and fill with hot water.Bank need to wrap up and leave to infuse overnight.Morning appears white powder in water.
  2. liquid powder is poured, and millet infused a new portion of water.So you can do a few times until the liquid will not change the taste.
  3. fusion muddy infusion should be drunk throughout the day at any time and in any volume, shaking before use.This approach causes the excretion of sand, small stones and relieves inflammation.

often millet infusion, diuretic fees and herbs dissolve kidney stones, are applied simultaneously.These are mainly birch buds, leaves, cranberries, and so on. D. Removing stones using millet becomes possible even when consumed in food grains.

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